The UPS Storenegligence of non-delivered packages

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I had shipped a package to my son in FT. Campbell, KY. on February 29, 2018. The package never made it to its destination. I contacted customer service and they stated they will put a claim on it and attempt to find my package. After a week went by I called again and they said they are still looking for it at the warehouse. The last tracking made of the package was scanned in Hopkinsville, KY. and it was loaded on the delivery truck on March 6, 2018. After a couple of days, my son and myself called agian and they stated they cant find it and that my package might had fallen off the truck. They submitted some paperwork for me to get paid 100.00 dls for the inconvenience and apoligy for loosing my package. Well, I believe that they never attempted to locate my package in a big warehouse. They were hoping somebody would find a lost package somewhere in the warehouse and scan it to see if it was my lost package. Now, I am told to go to the store in El Paso, TX. (#1944) to fill out my claim. But now they want actual reciepts of my lost property otherwise they wont pay me back for their negligance of loosing my property. My property was worth about 137.00dls and all they are going to give is 100.00dls. and not even pay me back my shipping charge of 18.00dls. I am very upset and stressing out for thier mistakes and I have to pay for in loosing my hard working money to them.

Apr 02, 2018
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  •   Apr 02, 2018

    Did you insure it for the valued amount? UPS insures the package for $100 only. You have to pay for more insurance. The cost of shipping is automatically added to your refund. I've put in claims and never had to show a receipt

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