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The Truth about: Sheriff Mike Hunt / Aiken County Sheriff Department in Aiken South Carolina / corruption & misconduct

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the truth about aiken county's police departments, what corrupt sheriff mike hunt don't want you to know about- here are posts from several aiken county citizens straight from
"lt daniel gainey, who lead the aiken county sheriff's office narcotics unit, was fired for misconduct in office to include falsification of time cards, etc. sheriff mike hunt refused to comment on this termination as his officers continue to break the rules and violate the law in aiken county."
"aiken is not like other places in south carolina. for some reason it's just a screwed up place with alot of public and law enforcement corruption."
"i had a run in with the aiken county sheriffs office one time. i had a private detective stacking out my home due to injury on the job. this man came in my yard and told my wife he worked for the sce&g power company. i called the sheriffs office and the officer pulled the man over. the officer contacted me and confirmed that the man did work for the power company. i did some home work and come to find that the man was a private detective and the officer lied to me. i call seld and they said i could put the detective firm on no trespass notice. i called and talked to the officers supervisor and told him that his officer had lied to me. i was told he didn't lie to me and that he would get back with me. upon getting back with me he said the officer had to lie to protect the detectives investigation. i then told the supervisor that i just wanted the man put on trespass notice. i was told that sheriff hunt said i could not do that. my question is that is sled said i could why can mr. hunt tell me i can't. i think things are run on the good ole boy system here in aiken sc!!"
"i also heard that mr. hunts duty weapon got stolen out of his county issued car. what was mr. hunts punishment or is the sheriff not punishable. if this had been a deputy he would hav lost his job. so who is mr. hunt acountable to."
"any law enforcement officer who looses his weapon or allows it to get stolen must be charged with "failure to secure his weapon." there is probable cause for sled to charge sheriff mike hunt with this charge."
"sheriff mike hunt also withheld an arrest warrant against former clearwater fire chief mike toole for more than 18 months until he got pissed with him and then decided to serve him with the aged hearsay warrant although he had already fired the deputy who initially sought the warrant from the magistrate. this is also probable cause for sled to issue an arrest warrant against sheriff mike hunt for misconduct in office and obstruction of justice. "
"what a f&&kup sheriff. i heard all he has is a ged, not even a high school diploma. it seems like he would toss any one of his deputies under the bus when the going gets tough. who would want to work for this idiot? "
"that's the problem, ged: not very many self respecting professionals would want to work for the aiken county sheriff's department. in my heart i know that the majority of them are professional people working a thankless job with crappy hours and crappier pay and i thank them for that. the problem is that when they do hire a bad apple, they do an amazing amount of damage, not just petty stuff like pissing off the mayor's wife either. my personal opinion is that he hiring practices need to be looked at, and if that is the responsibility of sheriff hunt, then so be it. but remember, a sheriff is an elected official, a politician. we can vote him out if someone else runs. "

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  • Ma
      30th of Jan, 2016
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    After reading the majority of the posts & comments on here... I have one relevant question : why doesn't someone, anyone, run against this guy? if any of you really & truly cares about the present & future of this county, not to mention your children, then put your name(s) on the ballot for sheriff next time! one of the more disturbing things i've heard about hunt... is that sometime back, a crackhead from the valley "took" hunt's service weapon, his gun and beat hell out of him! that's our sheriff folks! aiken county needs a sheriff who can & will strike fear in the hearts of these ba*tards! i'll guaran damn tee you... they haven't made the crackhead that could take my gun!!! what about this meth epidemic that's slowly & surely consuming our county? we pick up the paper & see arrest after arrest of meth users. where are the meth dealers? well they're damn sure not in jail are they!!! why not sheriff??? you arrest all these users... and you can't manage to turn them against their dealers??? why not? could it be because they fear their dealers... but not you? a leader leads from the front... not in the rear with the gear! our county needs a sheriff who "walks tall!" well... it's hard for a 5 foot 4 midget to walk tall!!! so... when a real man finally comes along and puts his name on the ballot against "mikey"... then get off your butts, go to the polls and vote for someone, anyone, who will put the well being of this county and it's honest, hard working citizens ahead of his own petty, greedy, corrupt concerns!!! how did the likes of him ever get elected in the first place??? that's a shame & disgrace on the people of aiken county!!!

  • Fi
      27th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    I've known sheriff hunt since his first day in law enforcement, worked side by side with him although we worked for different agencies we were in regular contact as law enforcement officers. so you think "hunt" is so bad. keeping reading.
    Prior to mike hunt aiken county had a former f. b. i. agent (howard sellers) who never accomplished anything other than having more law suits filed against him and aiken county than all the sheriff's prior to him combined. no larger ego in the world than his. most simply called him "pretty boy floyd" or "f b one". thank god he left. left aiken county sheriff's office in a mess but as long as he was gone, no one complained about having to clean up. prior to sellers? "carol heath". nothing more than a common drunk who only had to defeat ralph gunnels to become sheriff. that he did and after that he didn't do anything. never even slowed down on his drinking. I had known heath since I was 12 years old. the most paranoid person I have ever known in my life. as to the day to day operations of the sheriff's office, most were handled by his wife who came to work with him each and every day for eight years. we simply did our jobs and ignored him. not an easy thing to do. I found it amazing what a group of dedicated men could do when they told the sheriff nothing and he didn't have a clue what anyone was doing. prior to heath, "ralph gunnels" if one of us had put that in jail the crime rate in aiken county would have gone down 50 % overnight. ol slick wille... he had his crew across the county and simply placed his order when he wanted something, order stolen, filled, and delivered within 24 hours. the thieves of aiken county had a free pass and run of the county for four years, as long as he got his cut. he didn't even have a g. e. d., and never attended the s. c. criminal justice academy. to do so he would have had to drive right by s l e d headquarters and that crap wasn't going to happen. he didn't have the courage. he would have literally died of dehydration due to the amount of sweet poring from his body as he approached the address. oh well no point in beating an almost dead horse. I hear he's at death's door, I only hope i'm close enough to push his sorry # through that door when it opens. anyway the residents of murphy village "gypsy camp" loved him to death. they brought gifts by the truck load which he gladly accepted. gunnels had lieutenants in the department who could not read or wright beyond their own name and that as all of the above is true.

    Ok, enough about him. prior to gunnels we had "sheriff paul d. grant", now there was a sheriff, a man's man. he earned the trust. respect, and loyalty of every man and woman in the department with the exception of gunnels.

  • Su
      23rd of Feb, 2019
    0 Votes

    @fixeruper I am the youngest daughter of Carrol Heath from his first marriage. I am interested in anything you know about my father, good or bad. I have heard stuff over the years, and I believe there is much to uncover. Please help me.

  • Fi
      27th of Sep, 2016
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    Continued from previous post having ended on sheriff paul d grant.
    I felt very honored to have worked for and right beside sheriff grant. the first of four sheriff's I would work for in aiken county. during those days there were five patrol cars and seven deputies to each shift. we had our fun, we gladly and proudly did our jobs. sheriff grant with virgil wilkins and o. w. ray seen that we paid for our wrongs and corrected our mistakes. we worked for around $7, 000.00 a year and those were not 40 hour weeks. we worked for pride and the privilege of assisting sheriff grant in fulfilling his sworn duties to aiken county. he's no longer with us however all that worked for this man can remember and wish for the same by simply saying "thank you sheriff"

    Ok people it's tuesday, september 27, 2016 and you want someone to run for sheriff against mike hunt. well you got it. "little henry sims". i've known henry since his first day in law enforcement also. at one time henry was a good man to work with. he left aiken county sheriff's office around 1983 to become a state trooper. he reached the rank of lieutenant as a state trooper however he lays his claim to fame as being the assistant chief of batesburg-leesville police department. (lexington county) for some unknown reason henry had to "very suddenly" resign as a state trooper lieutenant. I have no idea why and henry has always refused to talk about it. makes one wonder? henry is not the same henry who left aiken county in 1983. not even close, a total stranger. no pride, no integrity, no education that qualifies him to be sheriff. his largest support base is that of the gunnels klan. want a new sheriff? vote for him. you'll end up with a sheriff's office that is the # child of s. c. worse than batesburg-leesville p. d. and folks that's bad. the only guessing will be who is the father of that # child. gunnels or heath? those who complain about hunt are those who complained from the day before day one of sheriff hunt.

  • Ai
      1st of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    @fixeruper Fixer Upper
    You probably worked at the SO about the time my dad ( Leon Hare ) was there. Dad always took pride in his job along with the men and women he worked with including Sheriff Grant.

  • Ai
      17th of Apr, 2018
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    Very interesting info. provided about each sheriff dating back to sheriff paul grant. as for former sheriff carol heath, one thing he did was to bring the reserve deputy's program to acsd, & I was fortunate enough to have been one of the first to serve in this program. I spent as much time as a reserve as my job would allow, & I thoroughly enjoyed what I learned from the classes, & from each deputy that I rode with. i'm reluctant to elaborate on this topic, but the comments above regarding the sheriffs drinking problem while in office were pretty well known by everyone, and yes, I even witnessed it myself once. but considering the pathetic excuse for a sheriff that aiken co. had after sheriff carol heath, (howard sellers), give me sheriff heath, even with a drinking problem, any day! this man flat out lied to the citizens of aiken, co. about his credentials right from the start. how he was ever re-elected is beyond me... thank god he finally decided to resign and leave aiken co! personally, I think sheriff hunt has, and still is doing an overall excellent job, and provides fair and equal law enforcement protection for all of the citizens of aiken co. which is something we did not have with howard sellers.

  • An
      4th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    I can prove that Hunt is incompetent, corrupt, unethical, and unqualified. If you complain about the S.O., you get bullied and harrassed indefinitely by S.O. personnel. He stays in office only because the county primary policy (you can't vote in primary if your party doesn't run a candidate) allows any incumbent to become enttrenched, resulting in permanent corruption. Each election, the math entrenches the incumbent more. I've talked to the few who opposed him and he terrorized and made their lives hell. This lunatic (our family calls him "yosemite sam" since he looks like that cartoon, blusters, and is nasty) showed himself to be a knee-jerk fascist when he illegally fired those plain clothes officers for doing what that culture often does. But they got no investigation, no due process, no union support, and worst of all, Hunt is so stupid he forgot all those drug cases those officers closed & their arrests would be subject to retrials and revocation. No wonder the poor Co. Prosecutor quit and left town. This despot will be bullying law-abiding citizens unless he gets voted out of office (or worse).

  • Ki
      28th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @angry voter Yes they do... They will forever try to intimidate you if you take a stand out call em out and as well the same if you make their local buddies mad, and don't try calling sled cause they make the same bed every morning,
    The good ole boys will always remain in charge in Aiken county.
    Favour for favour.
    Hek I'm pretty sure sellers didn't even flaunt his ways of the badge as much as Yosemite Sam.

  • Ja
      21st of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

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