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Hello to all on the internet
I hope this gets to all the people in Calgary about to take a boot camp.
I wanted to inform you that I was in a Bootcamp Called the Training Effect. I was so disappointed in so many aspects of this company.
I will not go into detail about what happened to me specifically but I can tell you that I have never been so disappointed in a company.
Being a business person myself I thought I would share with you what was said in the Bootcamp on more then one occasion that I attended. The trainer a Mr. Walls was bad mouthing several other boot camp companies while he was instructing the class, not only boot camps but other Fitness Company's. The things he was saying I was appalled at. I believe this to be offensive and wanted to let you know. I have also contacted the other companies he was talking about. I have never seen this type of behavior before and I really have never had to write and email like this before.He is making a bad name for, be more fitness, survivor boot camp and fitness boot camps Canada. I thought all on the internet and others and I thought you should know.
There was a group of us so I am sure you will be receiving more emails.
He also is:



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  • Me
      Nov 07, 2009

    I made the mistake of paying for a 4 week program of his too. It sounded good, and cheaper prices than most, but it's cheaper for a reason. This bootcamp is a joke!! He, Chad, spent most of the class bad mouthing other bootcamps and doesn't know the first thing about fitness. I highly suggest to NOT GO TO THE TRAINING EFFECT.


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  • Da
      Apr 21, 2011

    I agree as well Chad Walls is a liar and a loser B.G.S., B.Ed. ... SEO Expert,, Calgary, Alberta ... Search Engine Optimization by Chad Walls - SEO Calgary. He is a liar and a idiot. His many websites where he suckers you in and rips you off. /

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  • Sp
      Nov 13, 2011

    Chad Walls is very unprofessional. He does not honor his claims, and is not responsible in addressing any remedy. Would never recommend his services to anyone.

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  • Gr
      Apr 05, 2013

    Chad has lost almost 60lbs I would like to see you lose that kind of weight. I have known andTrained with this guy since I was a teenager. He is definitely not a liar probably one of the most honest people I know and one of the more intelligent ones. This guy works out hard and is focused beyond measure. To the people writing these comments spend more time in the gym and less time cutting Chad down and by the way your all pathetic.

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  • The Training Effect has moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am just letting all those who like to complain about me know my current and updated address. Thanks to all my fans who love to complain. Have any of you reached your fitness goals or are you still complaining? Just as I thought... You made the choice to wine like a little btcih instead of getting into shape. Now time has passed you by and you are getting older. Perhaps it is time to take ownership of your life and goals and stop blaming others.

    Chad Walls
    Winnipeg Fitness Boot Camp

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