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My children and wife have taken lessons at The Tennis Club of Singapore and one individual has committed adultery and is now harassing my wife for money. His name is Alexander Edzervadze and I have found that he has done this with numerous female members of the tennis club. He borrowed $9000 USD from my wife to help the club and now that she will not speak to him he refuses to pay it back. I have contacted the club numerous times without a reply. He also taught lessons to my children and defamed my name several times. I have custody of my children and must take them to counseling every week as they have been mentally and verbally abused by this man. He has stolen money and broken up a family, additionally he has done this several time with other married women whom he teaches lessons to. The club should be held responsible for their employees actions, and they will not return my calls. Regards, Todd Ellis +[protected]

Dec 11, 2015

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