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The TaxClub / Absolute fraudsters and Crooks !!!

1 Level 60, E mpire State BuildingNew York, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: Eastern - 888-773-7180

Last May 2008 we got involved with StoresOnline and PMI, something we certainly do NOT regret up to now.

An absolute LETHAL trap however was the TaxClub in New York !!!

Unfortunately SOL and/or PMI had given our details to another company in New York called the TaxClub located in the Empirestate building (
Suddenly I was called on my mobile in September 2008 by one of their sales people (Anthony Cheedy) and I was lured into having my creditcard charged for $3.895 (US).
At the time I was confused but with hindsight I can say they used the most reprehensible sales tactics to get my consent to charge my creditcard.

Like promising to obtain a "Business Line of Credit" in the USA (this was used as a premier selling point !), and that I could NOT do without them because I needed to file tax returns in the USA !!
Appointment calls were set up on the phone to "educate" me in Bookkeeping and other things.
Every further contact them ended up in "how is the balance of your creditcard" because they pressed to sell me more of their services.

That "Business Line of Credit" was a total "no go" because I am NOT a USA citizen.
They emailed 5 or 6 links but none of them had a "country" to fill in because they presume you are a USA Citizen
Then I was asked to create a bankaccount in the USA.
Again I got a dozen links but again the same problem : NO bankaccount in the USA if you are not a USA citizen.
For the very same reason I am not tax eligible in the USA so I can do totally without that TaxClub.

As they refused to refund my money my only option was a "Dispute" on those creditcard transactions with my bank here in Australia.
I didn't have a lot of hope because I did authorize them on the phone.
However about five weeks ago I got my creditcard statement in which all the transactions with that TaxClub have been made UNDONE and my money is back where it belongs : on my creditcard which was $6.100 Australian !!!

However this was NOT the end of the story as yet !

So what happened after my disputed transactions ??
Just after I got my bankstatement which showed that I had recovered my money I did cancel all of my services with that TaxClub.
They send me an email that they were "sorry" to see me go and that NO FURTHER BILLING would occur and that I was NOT eligible for any refund !

Suddenly 5 days ago I received a strange email from them in which they told me that they offered me a refund minus 15% and minus $800 for (imaginary) services.
Without any explanation of this totally unlogical "change of mind".

I already knew for sure they are NOT "Santa Claus" so I became extremely suspicious and I am certain this was a clear trap !
As they KNEW I had gotten my money back already thanks to the chargeback actions through my bank !
I felt very uneasy however and went immediately to my bank to display the very last transactions on my creditcard.
And indeed : DESPITE the fact I had cancelled and "no further billing would occur" they had charged my card for another whopping $1367.47 (AUS) for a so-called Essential Plan !!
Unbelievable !
Just a big charge out of the blue without my consent and without even having me informed !
So again I have disputed this with my bank and ... of course ... my creditcard number made INVALID (what I should have done in the very first place !).
Knowing the good service by now from my bank I am confident I will get it back but it does not feel comfortable at all !!
These TaxClub guys are real ripoff-desperados and scammers !

THIS UTTER ROTTEN TaxClub should be avoided at all cost, no matter if you are a USA citizen or not !!!

Have a nice day,

Jan & Danielle de Jager, Brisbane, Australia

Dear Jan & Danielle

Here is the email we received from the TaxClub on March the 4th :

Thank you for contacting The Tax Club regarding cancellation of services. We’re sorry to see you go! Your Tax Club account has been cancelled and no further billing will occur. Our goal is to satisfy every customer to the best of our abilities, and that commitment does not stop with cancelling your membership. Please contact us if there is anything else we can do to be of assistance.

Thank You,
The Tax Club
Billing Department

On the 19th they charged our creditcard for another $1367.47 !!!

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