The Tax Xpert / No repsonse after Fee is charged upfront

1 CA, United States

I had contacted the Tax Xpert from their fancy advertisement on the internet to dispute my tax audit from IRS. After reviewing the letter from IRS they said I have a great case to win and assured me. I have paid $3, 500 upfront for their lawyer fee as part of the contract, however, That was the last time talking to the lawyer. Everytime I called to the lawyer to follow up I only was able to talk to receptionist saying "they are working on it". They lied as when I called IRS about my case they had no record of taking any actions. I wrote so many emails to TaxXpertt but they won't respond. I realized that I have been scammed by their false advertisment and ended up paying all the penalty from IRS. I also reported BBB. Don't ever use their service nor pay.

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