The Suites at Falls Creekhorrible treatment and no customer service

For 18 months I made monthly payments for a pre-paid vacation at timeshare in Branson, MO. We arrived there only to discover that they'd put us on the third floor and thee was no elevator available! Not a problem if you are young and halthy but we are elderly. My husband has a bad heart and is a veteran's disability. We waited all afternoon for them to change the reservation and accomodate us better. They finally "found" a "suite" on the first floor: We alked in and were flabbergasted: It consisted of a bed, and a toilet.There was a Pseudo refrig that was so small we couldn't get our mediation into it. (We'd been keeping the medication in an ice chest until we could check in. they wouldn't give us any other room, even though there were hunderends of units that were EMPTY. They wouldn't accomodate us any way, nor would they compensate us in any way. It was take the room or leave, and lose the points! We swallowed our pride and asked for a handicalpped person's room. They wouldn't do that! The manager said that he'd have to call the corporate office i order to do that, and he wasn't going to do it! It's not much fun being treated like you are a cockroach or worse. We left. While we were driving out past all of the empty units, we saw another elderly couple in tears: They couldn't walk up the three flights of stairs to their "suite." Then the old man tripped and stumbled on the stairs, amost falling flat. The whole thing was just a horrible, pitiful, ordeal.

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