The store in Redding, CA. On Dana dr.employee rudeness and lack of professionalism.

My husband and I went to the store in Redding, CA. And bought Christmas decorations that some were 60% off plus we had a coupon for an extra 25% off markers Christmas decor. We bought a snowman nut cracker that was $24.99 regular price. She only gave us a 60% off. So when I took the receipt back in and said this was wrong that she forgot to take the extra 25% off the nut cracker. She said she would have to see our coupon on our tablet again. So my husband went back in and the employee was busy with another irrate customer so he went to another employee and she said just said it said markers craft, which it did not. So another employee piped in and said she waited on him, which she did not, the girl that waited on us was on the other side of the checkout isle busy with that irrate customer. So the employee that never saw us before was very rude. My husband said so you are going to take me for $4.00? She yes we are. My husband left the store. I will never deal with a Jo Ann store ever again. I will be going to hobby lobby or Michaels from now on. I dealt with Jo Ann's for years in Chico, CA. But I will never be treated by an employee like the one in Redding, CA. That is it for us! Jo Ann Harrington

Dec 03, 2018

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