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The Sports Authority / Poor Management

1 Brick, NJ, United States

I worked there for 3 yrs and had enough...did you ever wonder why this store is always empty? Here's what I seen...First forget about hiring the best and the brightest minimum wage workers….people were hired Strictly on availability…..If you could fill those hours needed….you had a job, forget about personal hygiene, or if you had a car, or if you looked like a sh t sandwich…all the time…..they hired this one 30 yrs guy to work the guns and ammo department…..HE NEVER BRUSHED HIS TEETH!!! His breath was appalling! You could not be within 4ft of his mouth, the smell would make you Vomit, nobody wanted to work with him, customers routinely cracked jokes to management about him and some firmly complained…I felt like a complete ###…..I had to apologize and make excuses for him…..I DID NOT HIRE HIM! What was management thinking? Next this is a sports and fitness store….I thought it reasonable to hire people that looked like they ACCUALLY worked out or enjoyed some type of sport. But not TSA management they hired 300 pound OOObese women and men to sell treadmills, running shoes and running clothes….ARE THEY KIDDING? I ask the manager once why he hired people that did not present a healthy and fit life style? Why did he hire 300 pound people to work in a sport store? He said “We can’t discriminate” I though that was a Cop-Out answer…..OK hire 2 token fat-so’s, BUT NOT THE MAIN WORK FORCE! Next was our DLPM, what a prize? This lady was so Liberal…I made me sick…I’m a middle of the road kind of guy…..Hey…she was a women that married another women that looked like a man!...It was hard to take her serious….she had a full Blown Mustache….I had to bite my tongue not to laugh in her face! Better yet…I remember that our LP manager caught a 19 yr old cashier stealing…..her dirt bag boyfriend would come in….pick out very expensive merchandise with two pairs of socks, gum whatever…..and she would ring it up for the socks only….and bag the rest for him. She did this more that once and got caught red handed in the act…..she cried her eyes out and admitted to it all. When the DLPM asked the LP manager if he wanted to prosecute, she DLPM, had the Nerve to say this….” We should let her go because you ‘LP Manager’ did not train her that stealing was wrong” WTF?!!! Are you kidding? I swear to GOD she said those words and meant it….what a joke. Next the District Sales Manager “DSM” decided to put a suggestion box in the store….and gave the manager the key……what a mistake, well that box was FULL of complaints all the time..i.e. no help, employees run from customers, poor attitudes etc. Every night towards closing he would open the box and remove the bad complaints…I physically seen the cashiers filling out slips and making up stuff like…great serve, knowledgeable staff and write names and address from the phone book, management knew that the DSM would not contact, so it worked! I left that store and worked at a HOME DEPOT, as an assistant manger, I hired smoke’n hot women to work the cash registers, (all with big BOOBS) Contractor’s would pass 1 or 2 other HD, Just to come to mine and flirt with the girls, our numbers SKY ROCKETED!……I hired clean cut knowledgeable staff to work the departments, No Slobs or drunks…….I hired muscle bound studs to work Flooring and Hardware. Thats where the women shopped….YA IT WORKED, I PROVED THAT I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!, When I moved out of state…the District sales manager told me he would put me in any store I wanted…….a gift to keep me. And just think at TSA, I was looked down upon because I stated that hiring the worst of the worst, was a bad idea……

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