The Sm Store / I cannot tolerate how they approach me, it is not right to treat your co-employee like were nothing, still we have the rights as a consumer.

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This incident was happened May 8, 2017 in the afternoon around 2pm. I was about to go on my off-duty, which i'll buy some stuff of mine. As I enter on the employees entrance, I wear my company ID which is the usual. But it turns out that they need a 'valid ID', then I said that I already have my company ID. That day i felt that i was never informed about their new protocol that if it is your restday and you're on off-duty they need another valid ID, Which was a bit surprise of me cause for how long I've been employed there it was new to me. It's ok for me and I know that ignorance is not excuse for the law but i hope they approached me in a good way. For all I know I still have the rights as a consumer and as an employee.

May 8, 2017

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