The Sims MedievalBlue Screening

I was given The Sims Medieval as a christmas present last year and I was incredibly happy. After playing it for a while as soon as I had made it to building about 4/5 buildings the game would freeze and blue screen on my laptop. This has happened on two computers of mine, and I have uninstalled it on both devices and then reinstalled it to see if that fixed the probelm but it did NOT.
My game continously blue screens so I cannot make any further progress!

Yesterday (19/12/14) I tried to play it again and the same thing happened, but to try and resolve the situation I saved everytime I built a builing. I got to 5 and just saved it in time for the game to blue screen again; when I went to restart the game I clicked on the previously saved game and it said 'error' and would not load it. Therefore meaning I would have to start all over again! I don't know if anybody elses game has done this but I'm really getting annoyed with it.

This was a christmas present so I don't know what gaming shop it came from but I would really like to exchange it for another Sims Medieval package because this is getting ridiculous, how can you play a game that doesn't allow you to play it!?

I have no custom contents or anything downloaded from The Sims 3 website, neither on my first computer did I have any other Sims games downloaded onto it. So I really do not know why it is doing this. Can I get another game, or do I just try to continue to play the glitched game?

Dec 20, 2014

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