The Sims 3 Was A Total Rip Off.The Sims 3, PC

L Review updated:

I cannot believe the sims 3. I was waiting about 4-5 months for it to come out. I installed it then i played it and i was like, wow, this looks great! but what i didnt realize is that the sims 3 was so SLOW. I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED at ea because they are frigging millionaires and all they do is rip ya off for more money. It takes about 10 minutes to load a hairstyle and about 5 minutes to load an outfit. its bloody madness. EA, WHEN YOU BRING OUT THE SIMS 4, YOU BETTER PUT AN EFFORT IN TO IT.


  • L
      Aug 16, 2009

    Seriously?? Come on. I am so angry at ea;

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  • Q
      Jul 13, 2010

    Dude that's because you have a [censor]ing piece of [censor] for a computer. It works super fast on mine - WHAT A NOOB!

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