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On october 4. 2011 I received a letter form Rachel Q. director of customer care, stating that from 60 days from october 4, 2011 they would be closing my account for returning too many item. I have been shopping with the shopping channel since it opened over 20 years ago, and have spent thousands and thousands of dollars. I cant even begin to tell you how much money I have there, over the past few years the products on the shopping channel have not been up to standards they should be and I have returned items that have not fit me properly and that were inferior products.

What ever happened to the 30 money back guarantee, that the hosts stress over and over again when plugging the products, isnt this false advertising, no one would shop off the net if there wasn't a return policy. Its not that I want to continue to shopping with company again, its just the terrbile way they treat they customer, surely you would hope they would not want us to keep products that we were not satisfiyed with. I am a old lady and a shutin, I just want not want to be taken advantage of, could you please look into this deceptive practice. thank you for your time.


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