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1 1203 Crestside DriveCoppell, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 972-956-0933

The Sat and Act Prep Center( The College Prep Center) has been ripping customers off for years they products are not Kaplan, this company uses places like Kaplan and College Board to attack parents by using their kids education. Once they are figured out buy companies, laws a, and etc. this company becomes on the move orginally from La'Mesa they are now located at 1203 Crestside Drive Dr. Ste 310 Coppell, TX 75019. They prey on the weak and abuse the system by using kids education this product is only 9.99 and they are selling it for 119.99 PLEASE STOP THIS COMPANY AND DON'T BE THE NEXT VICTIM

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  • Sa
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    We are not affiliated with The College Prep Center and this post is slanderous. We are in Texas and I as an Owner have no affiliation to the Company mentioned in this post. If it were true the person placing this complaint would show face so we can handle this according to LAW.
    Our product line KAPLAN I am yet to see in any stores.
    They do have a 1 cd product for 9.99
    Get your information straight.
    God is going to punish you!!!

  • Sa
      24th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    We did have a very abusive manager that we fired, SHE lives in flower mound. This is a DISCRUNTLED EMPLOYEE POST. WE WILL REPORT THIS TO FBI.


  • Jf
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    Happened to me too. They cold called my wife saying they were the College Board and that my son had to sign up for the tests, giving her lots of info that I already knew but she didn't (I was taking care of this). They sold her the CD for $119. The number in the Email above is now disconnected. I would like to cancel the order by phone but have no way to get to them.

  • Pi
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I also was recieved a cold call from this company stating that my daughter had checked off that she wanted to recieve information about this ACT/SAT prep CD. I agreed to purchase the CD which flies in the face of my own cardinal rule of never giving out my credit card number to any who makes the intial contact. When my daughter came home from school she told me that she had not checked off anything requesting information about an ACT study guide. I had no contact information to cancel the CD and waited for it to come which I was promised would be in 5-7 days. 13 days later my credit card bill came with the $119.99 charge and still no ACT/SAT prep CD. I contacted by credit card company to contest the charge. They told me they will hold it out as a contested charge, but that I should first try to resolve this with the company myself. They gave me a contact number. 866-400-7737
    I called the number and was immediately placed on hold. My phone has a feature that tracks the length of phone calls. After 10 minutes of holding with no friendly voice saying "We appreciate your business, we'll be with you as soon as possible" and no elevator music, just 10 minutes of silence, I thinking, this really is a rip-off company. I hung up and call back. Again, immediately placed on hold. After 5 minutes I hung up, thinking, they just want you to get tired of trying to reach them and give up.
    The third time I called, when the girl answered I immediately said, please don't put me on hold, please don't put me on hold, please don't put me on hold and yet again, I was placed on hold.
    I called back. This time another women answered and yelled that I was harrasing her staff and that they couldn't help me because I kept hanging up. I said, Mam, I've couldn't have harrassed them because I'm just placed on hold and was holding for 15 minutes. Now she starts screaming " you can't have been on hold for 15 minutes" I said I have a phone that times the calls. She screams back "I have a 1/2 million dollar answering service that would not leave you on hold for
    15 minutes." I'm thinking 1/2 million dollar answering service that doesn't play music and try to placate the customer to stay on the line,
    that doesn't ring true.
    I tell her my situation, she asks for my phone number and states that she doesn't have any information that she even has a customer with that phone number. She puts me back on hold. I thinking wow, I can't believe that she going to put me on hold, hoping I hang up and quit trying. Something else that didn't ring true, as I was enough of a customer to have my credit card charged.
    So, I called back, she answer screaming at me that I hung up. I said you told me I wasn't a customer and you put me on hold again. She screaming that she'll check the tracking number. (Of course, somehow now I am a customer.) She says "this tracking number is garbage" I state I have reported you to my credit card company for investigation. She starts screaming again " I don't need you
    business, I'll issue you a credit today. It's not my faut the UPSP lost the
    d... CD." Again she screams that I need to call back when I calm down.
    I said "You're the one screaming and cussing " She did bring it down a notch and said that "She was the owns the business and it is a
    legitmate bussiness and not a fraud"
    One week after she said she would credit my account, my credit card company shows no credit has been made.
    Even if this is a 100% legitimate business my experience with the customer service aspect of this company would be enough to warn anyone away from it. The product is only half of a business. The quality of customer service reflects on the faith, that the owner has in their product that they're selling.
    Buyer beware!

  • Jk
      27th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too was ripped off and feel like a real idiot - Below is copy of e-mail I sent to these scammers:

    Just a short note to say how truly disappointed I am with your company. I paid $119 for the Kaplan "SAT ACT PSAT Express" software which I now find out I can buy for $9.99!!

    This isn't even the software you have on your website which is the "Gold Edition" which can be had for $17.99 on Amazon

    I also just called to cancel your totally useless Student Scholarship Guide which I paid for 2 months @ $49.95/month. This is all information that is publicly available online. What you have posted is nothing unique.
    Shame on me for allowing you to get over $220 of my money. I feel like an idiot.

    Please make sure you do not bill my credit card for anything else. Failure to do this will cause me to go ballistic and focus all my time and attention on putting you guys out of business.

  • Ka
      20th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    They ripped me off too! same story.
    Lies and no call backs.

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