The Salvation Army USAunethical behavior

On the evening of yesterday February, the fourth 2017 my mother was shopping at your store located in Salinas, California. This is a formal complaint about the treatment she received at the store. My mother found a plate among other items she wished to purchase. When at the register my mother was informed that the plate, although it had a sticker price, was from a set and could not be sold to her separately. My mother understood this and said that it was okay and was willing to only purchase the other items. A supervisor that was nearby to the cashier decided it would be okay for that one plate to be sold separately. While my mother was being rang up a caucasian female approached and voiced she wanted to buy the whole set. The cashier then stopped wrapping the plate in newspaper and proceeded to tell my mother it would not be sold to her even though the supervisor had said it was okay. I imagine if the caucasian lady had not stepped in at that moment the set would have been sold without the plate, it is for this reason that I lack the understanding as to why the cashier decided to stop bagging the plate although she had already input it into the register. I bring up race here because my mother is Hispanic and this very much feels like a race was being favored over another.
I do not know your store policies on sets or policies about going back on the words of your supervisors. I would like a formal explanation as to why this happened along with your store policy. I would also like a formal investigation to make sure that this was not a racial issue. I am not looking for coupon compensation or anything of the sort but I would very much appreciate an explanation for this. If this situation did occur because of racial prejudice I expect a formal apology addressed to my mother.

I appreciate your time and hope to here from you soon.

Feb 04, 2017

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