The Salvation Army USA / emergency assistance program

For literally three months I have called as well as emailed the Salvation Army in my region in hopes of securing rental assistance because I work seasonal and had hoped to work Summer School this year but didn't. This really put me in a severe crisis. So my first time ever I was told to contact Dakvation Army and that they could assist me. Believing this, I called frequently then frantically. No response. Then I tried E mailing. Contact Lori Wright. No response. I contacted the gentleman here, can't remember his last name it started with a T. I want to say Tilley or something like that. He is the director of service as it relates to assistance programs. After I emailed him, he responded that he couldn't help me and to connect with the SA in my area. I responded to hm that I did over n over again. He said the same thing. Ok no hrlonni constellation. I went bsvl to the website an dvfiund the name Korieanna as the administrative assistant under Ms Wright. I emailed her. She responded the next day. She stated that Cpt Wright has been gone for a year and her number m email had not been removed from the sight. She apologized of course. Yhevsgr dsyd they ran out of funds. I was devastated. This is so wrong. I didn't deserve getting the runaround for literally since June 25 until almost August. And zi stipl nedd tent help. Even though I go back to work on the 27, I won't get paid till the 18 of September. And my rent is still due the first of every month. Please assist me. I am a Senior. No one didn't even ask me if so I need food nor some cash assistance to buy sanitation or paper goods. Not even a gas voucher to pay for transportation because Even though I don't drive I could give it to my Transportation person. Please assist me I am at my wits end and can't believe how I was treated. I have always been a supporter and donated freely here.

Aug 04, 2018

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