The Salvation Army USA / customer complaint

Newton, Iowanewton, US

I was at the Salvation Army in Newton, Iowa.
I had several articles of clothing in the cart. I parked the cart outside the dressing room. So I could have them close to switch between what I tried on.
I know only 3 items at a time.
After I tried on 3 items, I put the 1 I wanted to keep, I was putting it back in the cart, and looking for the next item to try on, when the employee named Donna came over and starts being being extremely rude. She keeps saying you can only have 3 things in there at a time, and we don't want a mess in there.
Then she takes my cart of clothes I had not yet tried on up by the counter.
I had only 2 items in the room and the room was not a mess. Only those 2 pairs had not yet been picked up.
I have never been treated and talked to so rude.
I try on clothes like this and I observe and follow the amount allowed in the room and when I am done I always hang things up and put what I don't keep back where I found them.
I have done alot of customer service in my life. And if I had her as an employee she wouldn't be allowed to work in a area that she came in contact with customers.
The money I spend there helps the Salvation army accomplish tasks.

Nov 28, 2017

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