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On November 11, 2017 my husband and I came into the 8845 Kingston Pike Rush Fitness Complex to add me onto his account. Sara helped us fill out the paperwork at which time we specified that my contract should terminate at the same time my husband’s ended (December 2017). When he changed payment method we found out that I am actually signed up for a year longer than we had specified. My contract should terminate on 12/17/10, however, she put it in as a 24 month contract. I spoke with Joshua Kennedy who brashly told me that Sara was no longer employed with them and that there was nothing he could do. When I tried to find out what could be done, he told me to contact the corporate offices and hung up the phone. I have sent 2 emails to enquire about the status of my contract since then, but have not received a reply.

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      Nov 20, 2012
    The Rush Fitness Complex - Employment
    The Rush Fitness Complex
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    The Rush, while seemingly is a great and exciting place to actually nothing short of hell. Well, unless you are a male. As a female employee, you become accustomed to working in a demeaning, chauvinistic environment, where you are often subjected to and expected to tolerate sexually degrading and harassing behavior by male employees (mainly members of management). Yes, we have an HR department...although very little is ever done to resolve an issue. Sarah Shelton, our corporate liaison for whom can/will or cannot/will not be terminated does a very poor, if not insulting job of managing her role in the company, as it takes an act of God for anyone to be let go from this disgusting and poorly run "mom and pop" shop of a business. Just in the time I have been employed there I have been subject, or witness two very gross acts of misconduct. In the beginning of this very year, we had a manager in the fitness department, named Reggie Parker. It was well known by staff that Mr. Parker used the guests of the facility as his own personal "love shack" for lack of better term. This was not just rumor...I, myself, as well as other employees were privy to photos and videos of Mr. Parker's activities. I was present when Mr. Parker showed a video to another male trainer, of him engaging in sex acts with that trainer's client. At this time, Mr Parker was the supervisor of this trainer. The trainer was so uncomfortable, he stopped training the female client. There were also suggestive/nude photos of a female member of the training staff that circulated through both male and female employees. Several complaints were made my female and male staff as to the ongoings of Mr Parker. An email was even sent to the corporate HR office. The resolution...Mr Parker was simply transferred to "alleviate" tension in our facility. When asked why he was not terminated, we were told that Mr. Parker had denied any wrong doings and that there was not any "company" evidence or video of such incidents. Are you kidding me...of course he's going to deny it!!! But heaven forbid that the Rush fire anyone for fear of having to pay unemployment wages. That's right, make sure your pockets are padded instead of protecting the integrity of your female staff.
    But that's not the end...just in the past week, a new manager has been sent to this same facility. His name is Daniel Odom.. Mr Odom seems to think that it is appropriate to talk openly with the female employees about their breasts, things he would like to do to them of a sexual nature. He's invited female employees back to his hotel room, and even propositioned one female employee to involve herself in activities with both Daniel and his wife. Once again, Ms. Sarah "useless" Shelton conducts and interview of the female employees involved. Do you know what we are told...that since it is technically our word against Mr. Odoms, that most likely he will be warned verbally and that no further action will be taken at this time. Are you kidding me. So, it's ok that we are treated this way? I feel like I work at an adult film store, or studio more so than a health club. I feel degraded, demeaned, unrepresented equally, disgusted, furious...i can keep going here. This establishment absolutely sucks, again, if you're a female. If you are a male employee, I'd say this is as pretty close to heaven as you could get. I hope to hell that a bunch of female employees get together and absolutely sue the ### out of you!!! And Sarah Shelton, you are worthless to us as an employee representative. We all know you are not here to protect us, you are here to keep LGs pockets full. Shame on you.

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      Dec 26, 2012

    Have you thought about a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Rush? What they are doing to you and your female co-workers is absolutely illegal. They are going to keep behaving like that towards the female employees if you do not take action against them.

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