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So I rented an office with one the Rostie Group's people named "Jasmin" . She agreed on a certain price for the office rent and any other services that comes with it included in the price. Then from the first month I was seeing addditional charges that I am using the boardrooms, long distance on my office line, photocopying and anything you could imagine of that exists in a business center . I never even used any of those services. Then again from the second month the increased the rent by $200 and when I brought this up to Rostie Group's owner whose name is "Cynthia" she said that I have your first and last month rent and I can do whatever I want and I can even lock you out if your office as soon as tomorrow.
Both Jasmin and Cynthia were extremely rude and arrogant about this whole situation.
Since my contract was month to month then I just moved out and the funny thing is that they are not giving me back my security deposit plus my last month rent. So they made me to move out of my office which is a huge interruption to my business and also never refunded me atleast for the security deposit since I paid them first and last month plus a one moth rent equivalent as the security deposit.
Bottom line people, stay away from these scammers as everybody knows them and because of that they are not making enough money and they even had to shut down their airport location.

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  • Ja
      17th of Apr, 2012

    Well, you shouldn't have given up and moved out, because the only authority who can lock you out of your office is the law, so that means they need to have an excuse from you such as not paying your rent on time, then have to get a court order to be able to evict you or lock you out of your office.
    I know these scams usually go on in some business centers like this one which you dealt with as I also have a previous experience with one of them from some other city.
    You can definitely sue them for the security deposits that they haven't paid you back.
    Any how law is always with when you are right and stick with it!

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  • Li
      17th of Apr, 2012

    I totally understand how you feel "joeyyoung1958", I had an office with Rostie Group and they charged me so many extra services which I never used. T
    hey say in their "Anti-SEO" comment or whoever else that stick with the facts and stay away from hyperbole, but I have to say the hyperbole was all those extra services such as Long Distance, Printing, Board Rooms and so on, which I stayed away from and the fact is that I still got charged for them two months in a row for almost $600 per month.
    The owners of Rostie group are just bunch of sad scams that do not possess the ability to run their business properly.
    Just simply stay away from them since there are so many other business centers in Toronto.

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