the rose & crownpoor quality service

On Monday 30th August I was passing to kew gardens and on the way i thought lets go into this nice pub, but when I went in it was a completely different story. The pub was completely understaffed, after waiting 20 minutes at the bar for my order to be taken, the food then took approx 1 hour and 15 minutes and to make matters even worse the food was stone cold when it arrived my kids by this point were growing extreamly restless not once during this waiting time were we asked if we were ok or needed anything. After all this i asked to speak with the manager, when he arrived he was very rude and did not take my complaint seriously all he did was give a brief 'sorry' before he went off to attend to the other four people complaining at the bar about poor service. This is not the sort of service i have come to expect from chef & brewer, i am quite appauled by the lack of attention to customers it completely ruined my familys day out i will not be returning and i will advise everyone i know to do the same until that joke of a manager decides to start running his pub seriously. Its a real shame considering i came here last year with my daughter for her birthday and the service was brilliant its such a shame to see such a nice place go downhill so quickly.

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