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The Rental Store Inc / illegal practices

1 Reno, NV, United States Review updated:

I had purchased a couch through TRS at Ashley Furniture and at the time was told that if I could not come by the store to make the payment, they would come to me free of charge. Little did I know, come to find out later, they were charging me $20 each time they had to come out. If a payment was late, they would come to my house at 6pm and peer through my backyard windows looking for me, it was at that time my sister-in-law caught them and asked them what they wanted. She was told, they were looking for the couch and that if we didn't come in to make a payment, they would send out the cops and charge us with theft! Of course we made our payment, but that was the start of the harrassment. The account is under my boyfriend's name, however, they have accepted payments made by myself using my debit card as well as allowing me to go in to make my payment. My boyfriend was supposed to go in to make a $200 payment, but because they refused to aknowledge the request of them to stop calling him at work, he got suspended from work for two days without pay, and could only pay $100. I had gone in to make the payment and explained to Tim why it wasn't the full $200. He then got agitated with me saying he can call whoever, whenever he wants. I explained to him that he couldn't and by law if it is requested that they stop calling an employer in attempt to collect debt, they have to stop calling. He then refused my payment of $100 (which they have accepted out of all the payments in the past) told me my balance was a little over $300 and kicked me out of the store. That Sunday, we received a call from TRS Inc, wanting to know where the payment was. I explained that they refused payment from us, and until we can consult an attourney, they wouldn't be receiving payment. They then informed me that the balance was now over $500. How can a balance go up over $200 in two days, when they refused the payment!?!? More calls started flooding in to him at work. I faxed them a letter 3x requesting that they stop. They claim they never got this fax, I have the fax receipt confirming it reached their's with no errors. Now corporate is involved and they are trying to settle for $300. However, we have paid well over what the couch was selling for, and were charged $100's in payment pick up fees that was supposed to be free. No where in the cotract does it indicate that there would be a payment pick up charge. This company needs to be reprimanded because they shouldn't be able to take advantage of those who don't qualify for normal financing. Especially when TRS isn't a finance company, they are a rental company, but make themselves out to be a finance company. At this point, I don't know where to go or who to go to in regards to this, because they keep hiking up my balance and refusing to accept payments.

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  • Ih
      2nd of May, 2009
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    I fully concur with you displeasure with The Rental Store. When they are selling their services they neglect to inform the buyer the true nature of their business. They rent the furniture, the furniture is not financed. I purchased a sectional unit from MOR furniture and had to go through their "in house financing". Never once was I told what TRS stood for, nor was I informed the furniture was not financed but rented. The sales representatives conceal the rental information. I did not know the furniture was being rented until I received my first phone call from TRS stating I was late with the payment. I never knew when my payment was due. After reviewing the contract I am still baffled. I still do not know the true amount of the payment. Some parts state $223 and others show $268. There is such a drastic difference with no explanation. I am in the process of having an attorney review the contract. The contract was created with misrepresentation from TRS. I will not give up a piece of furniture I have already paid $1650 on. I will never do business with MOR Furniture or TRS. I was lied to from the beginning and I refuse to be bullied by ignorant individuals. They are in for a surprise.

  • Tr
      10th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also agree with both comments. TRS has been a nightmare. Cardi's Furniture touts TRS as an alternate financing option...they never tell you exactly what TRS is. I have been haunted every day TWICE a day on the phone, and they have tried to make fraudulent charges on my credit card upwards of $1, 000 altogether. I have contacted the Attorney General's office in my state (MA), and also the Federal Trade Commission. I am also in the process of consulting an attorney and the State Police. I too refuse to be scared by these ignorant jerks.

  • St
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    I concur with both stated comments. Steer clear from TRS "The Rental Store" and any furniture place that allows them business. What started out to be a financing contract turned into, impossible to pay off contract. We had told them from the very beginning that we wanted to pay this off by 6 months with specific payments planned and everything. That was agreed upon in the store, that yes, we could pay it off at anytime. Well they are not very clear that they are tagging on so much interest that for every "payment" you make, it all goes to interest so therefore you cant pay it off in payments you have to pay in one lump sum to pay it off at all. So now that we have paid double the amount we set out to pay...they are almost payed off! Stay away from TRS!

  • Jb
      4th of Oct, 2009
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    That is terrible. You may need to consult a attorney or your local Legal Aide in your city. Also you may want to contact your local news stations consumer reporter maybey you can find others in your city that have suffered the same harrassment that will stand with you. Good Luck.

  • Ma
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    That is awful! Me and my husband were looking to do business with them at an Ashleys Funiture store but i am terrified now. I have been searching for a place that has decent prices and decent furniture but most of the places i go to, i read awful reviews that make me scared to buy anything!!

  • Bo
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    I too have had problems with this company. The problems seem to get progressively worse. I was offered a 90 day same as cash option (they told me only "suckers" pay out the full term of the agreement and then asked me, "You're not a sucker are you?") to pay off a couch and a loveseat valued at $1, 500.00 total. After 90 days, I had paid TRS nearly $2, 000.00, and still they insisted I owed a balance. Reluctantly, I agreed, however, a short while later was laid off at work. I was fortunate to find another job, and asked that TRS allow me to make my payment a week late. One week. That's all. One day after my "final" payment was due, I started receiving calls from TRS employees demanding a payment. At one point, they called me at my job every 60 seconds for exactly two hours. They then came to my job and actually asked my new boss to with-hold my payment amount from my check. Later in the first day, thay actually called my job and said they were from a porn site that had been accessed by my work computer. When I got home the first night, I found the word "Dead-beat" spray-painted n my door. Literally spray-painted on my door. No joke! I also discovered that someone from their office, on the first day I was over-due, had actually come out to my house and turned the water hoses on in the front and back yards. My neighbor said she saw someone in both yards about seven hours before I arrived home. Both my front and back yard were flooded, as was my neighborhood. This resulted in a $650.00 water-bill and a $250.00 fine from the city. When I got into my house, there were about two dozen messages on my answering machine, all from TRS. The last message actually said, "We don't know who you think you are, but this contract in not breakable. Your legs are!" When i called their office I was told to make a payment right then! They threatened to slap me around in front of my wife and kids. I later discovered that they had called all of my references and some of my family and new co-workers and told them I was a drug-dealer. When i arrived at work the next morning, I discovered they had sent a fax that said I had 5 lbs. of marijuana stashed in my desk drawer. They had also called my boss, who is black, and pretended to be a dissatisfied customer who was offended by my "telling racist jokes", and my "constant use of the N-WORD!" Later that day, they called my boss and said they were from a clinic, calling to inform me that I had tested positive for cocaine use, had herpes, and the AIDS virus. I was fired later that afternoon after thirty straight minutes of calls from TRS, even though I requested they stop calling me at work. I went by their office and pleaded with them to stop. They told me to make a payment. I explained my situation, and they asked me to pawn some of my house-hold appliances to make my payment. When I refused, they offered to do it for me. When i got home, my son was attempting to push our couch out onto the front lawn. Turns out, they called him while I was in their office, pretended to be me, and tried to convince him that I wanted him to put the couch and loveseat on the front lawn. The next day, I received a call from my bank. A TRS employee attempted to gain access to my checking account. Later that day, they tried to run a $3, 000.00 charge on my credit card. When i asked them why they would do this, they said they just wanted to see how much available credit I had, and then actually asked me to authorize the charge. I borrowed $160.00 dollars froma family member, and paid TRS. They told me my balance was paid off. The next day they called and said I still had a balance on the loveseat in the amount of $2, 650.00. This was a nightmare! When I got out to my car to go talk to them, I found they had opened my car door, and flooded my car with business cards. Each card had a message on the back: "Pay us or give us back our merchandise!" I also saw that they had super-glued some of the cards to my car doors, and windshield. I immediately went to talk to an attorney. When I got home, I discovered that they had come out to my house, with a chain-saw, and cut down all four trees in my front yard, and two in my neighbor's yard, and set the trees on fire. My neighbor said they told him I hired them to do it. They had also posted papers on sign-posts, and on my neighbor's doors saying I was a deadbeat and a convicted felon. I wen inside to call the attorney and inform him of this, and my wife told me the TRS employees had peeped into our windows and made lewd and threatening comments to our 5 year old son and seven year old daughter. Later that night, a "District Manager" from TRS called me. He said that my "file was now on his desk, and that meant real trouble for me". Very politely, I asked if this was some kind of threat. He said, "Absolutely! I'm threatening you with legal action, a lawsuit, repossession, and intense physical bodily harm." He then hung up and then called back. This time I let the machine get it. The message was: "I drink Red Bull, and I will murder you!" The last straw was when they used my SSN and Driver's License number to have my electricity and cable shut off on Super Bowl weekend. I knew it was them when they called my house to "apologize" and then asked me if I was enjoying the Super Bowl, and then commented that I sounded like I was cold. So, I returned the merchandise and demanded a full refund. They laughed at me and made fun of my haircut. My attorney got involved and managed to get me $159.00 back. I lost the furniture, and thousands of dollars, my wife divorced me and took my kids, but I learned a valuable lesson. Do not do business with TRS, Inc. also called TRS Home Furnishings, and Bargain City. They can ruin your life.

  • Kr
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    I purchased a couch over a year ago. I call quite frequently to get a pay off amount. Every time I call the people there are rude and seem quite sure of themselves of what my payoff amount is. My main problem is that every time I call, the payment amount is different. Also, they will call you on the day your payment is due or the day after. I was unemployed for a while and they still wouldnt work anything out with you. This is a crappy company and my balance doesnt seem to stay in one place. I told them that I wanted a statement showing what I have paid and the interest charges and what not. They claim they dont have anything they can show me... Isnt that illegal??? I thought finance companies and such were required by law to give out statements. I feel like I am NEVER going to purchase anything from Ashley furniture or TRS again!

  • Jo
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    please i urge you to stay away from TRS these people are liars and ripoffs. we made a 2500 purchase last month and when we were signing the papers our payment was 395.00 a when we went to make our first payment we walk into ashleys some guy that had no clue what he was talking about told us our payment was 449.52...that was bull...they totally redone our contract behind our backs...and thats why my lawyer who is prettty good is contracting them on monday.hopefully these guys wont be doing crappy business anymore...oh almost forgot we bought living room set for 2800 dollars after financing and everything the total was almost 12, 000 thats not a lie...only 30% of our 450. dollar payment was going into the pricipal the other 70% when i asked to guy were was it going to he did not want to tell me...i feel its my money, its my payment i should know were the money is going to right...this company has no shame and only trying to rip off people dont know why ashley or any other company keep them around...thats very very very bad business...never go there again

  • Ke
      2nd of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have dealt with TRS on a number of occasions. Yes I will agree with most of the people here that TRS is not a "great" company. But lets face it, if you are considering TRS it is because you (Me) have bad credit and cannot get financed through the furniture store that TRS is located in. TRS gives us an option to get the financing through a "rental Contract." Their terms are horrible and they do not have a grace period. But each and everyone here knows this when they sign the contract with TRS. The logo is on your original receipt, and also on the contract you sign. But beside that logo, it has the words "the rental store" (hence TRS) I will agree with one poster that it is really harassment (Or borderline) how the get their payments. But we all have the option to return the furniture after 4 months without penalty if you don't like the terms. I would never tell anyone not to sign up with TRS because usually the people who sign those contracts dont have the credit to go anywhere else. But I will say from my experience with TRS, that the best option you have is to pay as much as you can as fast as you can. If your payment is 145.00 a month, pay 200 or 300 on the item or one of the items. ALWAYS GET them to write your payoff on the back of your receipt every month. (All you have to do is ask nicely) And take last months receipt in with you when you make your payment. Never tell them you have it though. But if you apply and extra 150 a month to one item all that money goes toward the principle. If you have questions, ask someone there and pull you old receipt out. If you are unable to pay more then your normal payments are every month then I would never recommend TRS because of the high interest rate. Good luck

  • Tr
      5th of May, 2010
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    I disgree with above poster, kevin3954. Firstly, not everyone who "financed" through TRS have bad credit. Secondly, from my experience and many others, TRS doesn't give an option to get financed through a rental contract, as they simply NEGLECTED to informed customers of who and what they really were...which is a RENTAL/LEASE COMPANY. I don't care if the logo or "the rental store" is printed on the receipt/contract, it's their job to fully explain who they are and what they do as well as explain the contract and terms of contract. Then after that is explained, it's the customer's job to make sure they understand.

    The problem I have with TRS and the stores who uses them, is, they are represented as an "in-house finance" company, when they are not. I'm pretty sure if sales reps and reps of TRS explained everything upfront and correctly, many people would not have went through this company.

    Every state is different, however, in my situation, I purchased a livingroom set from Rooms to Go (Augusta, GA) for $1188.00. When I was approached by a sales rep, I was asked if I wanted to try approval for 0% interest, which I came to find out in the process of it all, it was for a Room to Go credit therefore, it didn't go through any other "finance" company. Once I was declined for that, was when the sales rep referred me to their "in house financing" company TRS. I was ok with that because I have went through in financing with Farmers Funiture and Badcock before. What I would later find out, is that, TRS is nooo way like Farmers and Badcock "in house" financing.

    Bottom line, your expensive down payment with TRS is simply for delivery charge, taxes, and your first LEASE payment. Did I say LEASE payment??? But hey, I'm buying this furniture, not leasing. Anyway, your MONTHLY payment is 98% your monthly LEASE payment. Only a very small portion of the monthly payment goes toward the ACTUALLY furniture. My monthly payment was $206.00 and while asking questions, came to find out, about $20-$25 was going to go toward the livingroom set. So you may say (or TRS) it'll improve your credit, but at what price...24 months at $205 is about $6000.00. Are you serious??? That's why I'm positive if customers were fully explained this information, they would have turned around and walked out the store. They neglected this information for a good reason, so they can ripoff customers.

    Of course, as TRS says, you can pay off a piece of furniture anytime, but how can you when they have not a clue of how much you need to pay. If they do, it's the original price after 5+ payments have already been made...not my experience, this is what I have been reading. My experience, I paid a piece off the first month and everything was fine, however, when it's time to make a second payment, I verified that payment would be $405.80, however, when get there to make payment, they tell me I have to pay $75.00 more dollars. Why is that?? No one could tell me exactly what for expect for the sofa (last contract) I had with them that was not going to pay off this time, but next month. I had two different reps telling me two different things. No one seemed to know what they were talking about. Very upset, I decided to pay both contracts off and left. How can you give someone an option to pay on a piece of furniture anytime, but add "fees" when you want. Don't think so. They were not getting anymore of my money. All in all, I ended up paying TRS about $1600.00 and only had the furniture for about 1 month and a half. I should have just paid cash for it, but hey, it's a learning experience because I will never buy anything else through Rooms to Go, nor any company who has TRS as a partner in crime.

  • He
      2nd of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My boyfriend worked as a store manager at TRS from 2006-2007. I HATE this company they are the DEVIL. I bought furniture form big lots which is also Ashley Brand. Before he was fired under false pretences the district manager came to our house for dinner, she noticed the furture and asumed we got it from them under a false account. When they fired my boyfriend they demanded that we give them the furniture or they would throw us in jail. I was pissed to the point of unmeasurable anger. At the time I did not know what to do so we gave it to them even through the tags didn't match a single serial number they had. The good thing is he was able to collect unemployment from them for over 2 years and they had to pay us restitution. The best way to resolve this is to go to your local Legal Aide office file all the charges you can starting with false representaion, harrasmnet, trespassing (post a sign), unlawful entry, slanger, lost wages, damage of property( they will kick your doors) and anything else you can think of. They will try to file a rite of sitcristraion ( SOMETHING THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT UNTIL MY BOYFRIEND OPENED THERE EYES TO IT) after which there is little you can do. But as soon as the harrasment starts - start recording conversations documenting and filing paperwork. Also be sure to look up laws on renting furniture it is diffrent in every state. I am sorry for those of you whom have had to deal with them. One more thing TRS has undergone several lawsuites and have relocated several times. in this matter you need to go after not only the indiviual stores and its employees, but the owner of TRS I can't remember his name but he own several businesses including bargain city. hope this helps

  • Yo
      16th of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Funny how it's always people that cant afford their payment or claim they didn't know what they were getting into when they signed their name to a contract. There is one reason you had to use a [censor] rent to own company... because you don't have good enough credit to do anything else and aren't responsible enough with your money to save up and buy it cash.

    Either save your money and buy something you can afford rather than over extending yourself (yet again most likely), read thoroughly what you are signing your name to, or follow the terms of the contract that you signed (that's just crazy talk I know).

    Pretty simple if you ask me. If deadbeats like you guys spent half as much time worrying about satisfying your obligations as you do whining about what you got your self into, the world would be a better place for it.

  • Cl
      21st of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I too am a victim of this Scam company.
    I purchased a TV (on sale) for $650.00 and a table (on sale) for $150.00. Do the math, and you will see it totalled $800.00.

    I made two payments of $200.00. One in November, and another in December. Both payments were early, since I didn't want to accumulate finance charges.

    Yesterday, I went into my Round Rock store, and Mike the Manager assisted me with my payment. (again early).

    After the payment, I asked Mike for my balance. Mike stated my balance was $850.00 !!!

    Of course I wanted to know why, since I have been making early payments, well over the amount I was due to pay. He stated that I was Leasing the merchandise, and that the leasing, interest, finance charge/principle were added in the total amount of pay off!

    What???? No, no, no! I PURCHASED these items and was told 90 day, same as cash. That means I have 90 days to pay off this account, with NO other fees or charges.

    Needless to say, he stated that if I paid him $77.34 (which is the credit it shows) that would pay off my TV table and lower my payments. What????

    If I paid (to date) $554.00 (yesterday, I did not pay extra, just the rounded off payment that was due today), THEN DON'T YOU THINK THAT THE TABLE HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID OFF?????

    I too plan to have an attorney look into this, since I have a contract that does not explain all of these charges, unless I carry the contract after 90 days. What a bunch of Crock these people are!!! I will NEVER do this again.

    The only reason I even got involved with was due to the fact that I was a Conn's customer for years, and I was late twice within a 3 year period. They (Conn's) penalized me by rejecting my application and sending me over to THIS department, which by the way RAC just bought them out, or they just bought RAC out!

    Anyone know a GOOD attorney. We need to do a CLASS ACTION SUIT on these folks.

    Let me know? I will be looking around too, and will keep you posted.


  • Cl
      24th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hello, Back again with some news for all of you that have been "scammed" by TRS.

    I am filing for a class action suit against the company. I'm waiting for a response within the next 24 hours.

    All of you that are interested, please let me know.

    You can use the comment section here until I get a response from my lawyer. I will then give you another way to contact me at that time.

    Please allow me to say, I need truthful events, no "hyped up" events, and definite facts on what happened. Hope you have your signed contract, otherwise, don't enlist with me. You MUST have a written contract from this company that shows you PURCHASED their product/services and not LEASING it.

    We have some bad stuff here, that has been told that everyone here is not quite honest in their stories.

    I'm sure the "core" is honest, but there is some exaggeration going on with some people. I understand you are angry, but we MUST tell the story exactly how it happened, otherwise, you could be charged with perjury.

    Let me know if you want to join me.

  • Cl
      24th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hello again!
    FYI ... Before anyone joins my "group", please be sure to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They will give you an ID number, and will contact you within 24 hours. I have already done so, and hope you do too.

    Also, be careful that you name them correctly, since there are a lot of TRS companies out there, one of them stands for "Teacher's Retirement System", so PLEASE BE CAREFUL that you have the right name, address and telephone number of the TRS that you are filing a complaint against.

  • Le
      13th of Feb, 2011
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    They charged my debit card without my consent and charged it for more than I owed!

  • Pm
      21st of Feb, 2011
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    I, too, have been scammed by TRS, Inc., and am looking into hiring counsel to sue them. It would be even better to get enough class members for a class action suit. My story is this: I got a bedroom set from TRS, Inc. because I didn't qualify with Ashley. I then moved to Austin and fell on hard times; payments got in arrears by 90 days. I finally surrendered the furniture and told them there was no way I was going to be able to make up the payments. From that point, things got ugly. They were rude, harassing and uncooperative. They sent someone from the Austin store to get the furniture and I thought that would be the end of it. But several months later, I requested my credit report and to my shock TRS had reported that I owe THOUSANDS of dollars. Now, as best I can recall, and I don't think I'm wrong, this is a RENTAL contract and if the renter defaults, the owner repossesses. Therefore, they cannot accelerate the debt, including interest that would have accrued on the account. In short, they repossessed my furniture AND tried to stick me for the full value of it, plus unaccrued interest. So I disputed this with the credit bureau. Their response? They turned around and charged off the debt - again, THOUSANDS of dollars. At the time of repossession, I owed approxinmately $750. That's it. Oh, and the kicker of it is, I sent a letter to the store where I got the furniture, and their corporate office. Both refuse to respond. This company needs to be punished and stopped immediately. I am a well educated woman who works in a law firm. It is reprehensible that they get away with this theft, fraud, harassment, and damage to my credit reputation. Let's band together!

  • Pm
      21st of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    UPDATE - I have now submitted a complaint to the BBB in Arizon region (their corporate office) and Texas region (where I purchased). My next step is to submit my third written request for them to fix the false information on my credit report and to tell me how much I owe so I can be rid of the debt. The first two letters went ignored. I will also be reminding them of my intent to sue.

  • Tr
      24th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I'm actually a former employee with TRS and totally understand where everyone is coming from, unfortunately they were sold to Rent-A-Center in December of last year. They now go by the name RAC acceptance, if any one decides to sue this company, make sure this is the name you address them by.

  • Tr
      27th of Feb, 2011
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    Going through the same issue. Some one please update me on filing legal proceedings. id rather not discuss my experience here on public view. I bet the employees monitor these sites.

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