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The Region / Pyramid Scheme

1 4619 NW 103rd Ave Sunrise, FL 33351Sunrise, FL, United States Review updated:
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I went to my second day of training on Friday and there it was revealed that is was a Pyramid scheme.They are going to tell you and make you feel that you can pretty much do and achieve anything you set your mind to, which is true. At this time in my life, i have responsibilities, and I don't have time to waste. First task, they want you to sell the perfumes to your family, each cost $25, sell them for a higher price and the money is yours. The training is 8 weeks, if you sell, i think it was 16 perfumes, they cut down the training to 6 weeks. Promising a higher position, and at the end of the training, making $769 a week. There is so many other details, but is just so much. The lady that set up my interview is named Kat. The guy who held my interview is Damon, and the trainee is called Keeke. There are two positions, Manager or Admin. If is something that you're looking to do, go ahead. If not, don't waste your time.

Apr 25, 2015
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  • Pr
      21st of Oct, 2015
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    If you don't understand something be careful what kind of comments you make about someone's buisness, it's not scheme u didn't stick around long enough to understand anything. 👀👀

  • Ro
      20th of Jan, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I very rarely read these silly comments, but this one is so contradictory I had to dissect it. He starts his statement by saying " I WENT TO MY 2ND DAY OF TRAINING AND THEY REVEALED IT WAS A PYRAMID SCHEME." Please understand what something actually is before you make a claim. The definition of a PYRAMID SCHEME is (a form of investment in which each paying participant recruits 2 further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones). And never does he say, "he or anyone else" was asked to invest in anything.
    He then goes on to say " THEY ARE GOING TO TELL YOU AND MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU CAN PRETTY MUCH DO AND ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO, which is TRUE." Not my words, these are his. LOL... He basically said the company made a TRUE statement and then validated its TRUTH. If that's not CONTRADICTING, I don't know what is.
    Next he says the first task is to sale perfume to your family. They each cost $25, but you can sale them for more and KEEP the MONEY. So basically where a SCHEME is used to TAKE your money, the company offered you a way to MAKE money. Still waiting to hear where they did something wrong to him...
    He then says they PROMISE you a HIGHER POSITION at the END of TRAINING. He could never prove that to be true or false if he never came back after his "2ND DAY OF TRAINING."
    He then says " there are so many other details, but is just so much." In my opinion, since there were so many other details, but NOT ONE given, not even a negative one, makes me assume maybe he didn't understand the details. In my years of experience, when people don't understand something, it's easier to make it seem as if something is wrong with the "THING" rather than admit you just didn't understand or weren't capable of accomplishing it. That is a defensive mechanism, which all people have, but we must be extremely careful of what we say about things we don't understand, because you could cause SOMEONE ELSE to miss a great opportunity, by listening to your MISINFORMED RHETORIC. I say that because If he felt as if he were mislead or something illegal were going on (which a pyramid scheme is) why would he end his statement saying " If is something that you're looking to do, go ahead." Why would he encourage anyone to do or get involved in something negative? Well in this case, its because he know's there was NOTHING negative.
    So in closing, I'm not trying to persuade anyone to believe how great this company is, I'm only trying to say be smart enough to figure it out on your OWN... Don't listen to the WRONG people, and don't believe something just because. Have your own mind and think for yourself.

  • Wa
      16th of Feb, 2016
    +2 Votes

    They said the same thing to me. I went online and did a serach on the company and found all of this

  • Sm
      21st of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    The ad on Craigslist has a bunch of different job opportunities such as admin, customer service, front office help etc. However it's basically a sales job where they promise you a better position if you do good at selling their product, which is the perfumes. Now I'm not a sales person and I don't need to be a sales person to do customer service or admin or any type of clerical work so why is the first thing you're trying to get me to do is sell something?... If you are a brand or a well established company, whatever goods you're selling should sell itself. And if you do needs sales representative to sell your product, CLEARLY state that from the beginning so people who what to sell will apply and stop having other people waste their time coming in for interviews when the position they're applying for is not readily available. It's 6-8 weeks of basically unpaid training. The only income is how much you make from the products you sell and these "incentives" they give every week. So that's a good 2-3 months of unreliable pay. If you're looking for something steady and reliable don't waste your time.

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