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The Real Team - RealOneSupport / Miserable thieves and cheap frauds!

1 United States

COPY of fair warning:

Realonesupport - whoever you are,
1) I have never asked to be a member of your service
2) NOR have I ever given you my creditcard information
3) NOR have I ever once in my life downloaded music - or agreed to pay for any program, which is offered for free on the internet!

Therefore - I have already reported your company to the proper international authorities, as soon as I discovered you have taken money from me - well as posted a report on a discussion forum on the internet, where other innocent people post reports about your attempts to (repeatedly!) draw money from their bankaccounts, without their consent!!! I am also taking measures to close my bankaccount which you robbed - and am filing a report through my bank!

My best advice for you now is: stay the hell away from my bankaccount, my mailbox and my life - or you will truly regret it..!!!

### YOU - miserable thieves and cheap frauds! Per Hegelund wrote:
(For e-mail list removal information see bottom of e-mail.)

Dear Real® Member,

Help! We could not renew your Real membership because the billing information we have for you is incorrect. We need to receive your updated payment information immediately or your membership will expire.
Updating your information is quick and easy.

Please act now, or your service will be disrupted.

If you have any questions about updating your payment information, please contact our Customer Service team at [protected] or e-mail us using our web form.

Thank you for being a valued Real member.

The Real Team


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