The Real Shop ( orders never received (3 light sets, "k" diamond necklace & cam camera)

I made 2 orders in Nov. and I received a messaged saying my orders were delivered but never received anything but the "WINK" Lash & Brow Oil. Then my account was charged for $266.92 which was for the necklace and the 3 flash light sets and then charged again for $125.97 which was for the cam camera and the Wink Lash and Brow Oil, which the only I received for both these order was the Wink Oil and the cost of that was only $39.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lake Charles, LA00!!! I'm not sure why I would be charged the full price of things that I never received and only should have been charged for the Wink Oil!!! This was paid thru Pay-Pay which was suppose to be taken out of my checking account when the items were sent but yet the total amount was taken out a few days after I ordered. If I would of known about this I would for sure not made a 3rd order last night. I have done the research on my end asking the neighbors and then realizing everyone is having the same problem on NOT receiving their orders. I only ordered on-line this year because of my health at this time. I have called and called over and over again only to find out the customer service was closed and then finally understood the message of nobody being able to answer the phone at this time!!! But to send a message to [protected], and these things were offered on The Real Show... So to say the least I'm not a very happy person at this time.

  • Updated by Kimberly Talbot, Dec 11, 2018

    Someone please get back to me as soon as possible!!!

Dec 11, 2018

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