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The Real Estate Network / The Real Estate Network - deliver nothing but lies

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My sister called and invited my husband and I to go to a meeting and learn about real estate. It is something my husband and I had been thinking about starting to invest in and so we attended the conference with them. We also invited my husbands brother, Chad, to attend with us. I had already told my husband that we were just going to listen and not buy anything, however, after listening to the conference we decided that with a ?FULL ONE HUNDRED PERCENT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? that was sold the whole time we couldn't go wrong.

They were nothing but slick salesmen that had no intention of ever making good on any guarantee. I was really hesitant on buying any program like this because of the fact most programs talk big but that is all. This was different because they were backing it up with a full guarantee. That is the only reason I ever agreed to buy anything with The Real Estate Network (TREN).

The first paper we signed made me very hesitant and resistant to do business with them. It didn't have the guarantee on it. I asked My partner about that and so he called Scott Morris and asked him. He said not to worry that paper only held our spot in the class and that more information would be available with the guarantee at the class. I felt something was wrong but didn't follow my gut.

The class came and my partner and I all attended. In the class they passed out another contract. This one did have the guarantee in it. This made me very happy. They said that they would make copies and return a copy to us. We never did get a copy. I soon forgot about that with the stuff they were trying to show us that worked in their market. We finished the three day class and began to try to put it into reality.

We spent months of working to make this a reality, however the reality is that their ideas that they found to have success in their market do not work in ours. The many people they brought in to talk to us about special fields all said they didn't know how successful we could be because our market was different. Scott assured us the whole time that we could make it work.

The conditions Scott said we needed to meet were to have at least 30 offers in 6 months. If we didn't have any success during that time after 6 months that they would be ?happy to refund our money?. After the countless hours of searching, countless houses we dragged our children through, many other ways we spent money to make it a success, we failed at making any of our offers go through.

We then notified Scott of our failures and asked him to make good on his promise. He asked to see our worksheets showing that we had fulfilled the guarantee agreement. We sent him all the information. He said that we did fulfill the requirements and that he needed to talk with his partners. What we got was months and now years of unfulfilled business promises. Scott is nothing but a very good salesman with broken promises and that is it. He said that they didn't have a guarantee in Phoenix. That was only after he said that it wasn't about the money and that he would write us a check but that he didn't want to see us fail. Then he said that it wasn't about the money, he didn't care about the money but there was no guarantee.

He contradicts himself several times during the correspondence we had following. He doesn't know what he said and didn't. We contacted several other members of the group and EVERYONE remembers the guarantee and has found the same results as us in the market and with TREN.

The company was unable to fulfill any promises and now everyone would like them to make good on their word, yet they now say that they didn't promise anything.

Scott and I e-mailed many times but Scott didn't want to honor his agreement and that was the only way that would satisfy our partnership. We fulfilled what TREN required and now we ask the same of them. We want our agreement honored and no more childish games. However that is all Scott knows how to play. He has many times said that he would give our money back, however the next minute he says that he will sue. He is not one to get mixed up in business with unless you just want to be paying him for nothing. Not one person in our group was able to but a house from his methods. NOT ONE!

Scott continues to say that we have no guarantee but I do have it in writing. Our "Mentoring Agreement" states that there are no refunds EXCEPT as stated in the "No risk money back guarantee" and even with it in writing they will not stand behind there words. They don't mentor, they don't keep promises but they do threaten you.

Don't get mixed up with these guys. They have a criminal record in the state of Texas for fraud and that is exactly what they are.


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