The Planning & Zoning Resource Companyfraudulent check scam

My name is Kevin Clark and I am the controller with the Planning & Zoning Resource Co. A group of criminals obtained a copy of one of our checks and had fake check stock made using our account and ABA number. On your web site under "Safety Tips" you give your users a warning to lookout for scams accepting cashiers checks for amounts larger than purchase price and then sending excess funds to a third party. However I think this should be placed more prevalent part of your site.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Oklahoma City, OKPerhaps along the top "Scams to look out for before closing a transaction" Your clients are clearly missing this section of web site which is buried at the very bottom of the page. We have had over 70 checks passed against our account. We are able to reject these checks since they clearly are fraudulent and weren't issued by our company but your clients are taking the hit. Banks are not doing there jobs as gatekeepers to keep these idiots from falling for this scam. If they placed a single phone call to our company or our bank they would learn that the check is fraudulent. Please consider placing this warning in a more noticeable place.

May 03, 2017

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