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The place gallery / Do not order from them

1 Farmington, NH, United States

Back in June 2007, we bought our new home. We ordered a full bedroom, dining room, and living room sets in March 2007 The salesman was very nice and made promises that just weren't kept. The dining room furniture was ready first and had to be delivered seperately. So I had to wait at my house for them for the 10 hour time period they give you. (because no one has a life). 1 week later we received the other two sets. We ofcourse were the last delivery so the two men were agitated and in a rush. Needless to say, the coffee table came all chipped up and scratched and it was supposed to have a glass top but that didn't get delivered with it. When I refused the table the two men said I had to keep it until someone came here to take pictures of it. Which was a lie because later on I was told by a manager at the place, they were supposed to take it back. The two men were slicing the plastic off the sofa and put two slits in it. And again they were rushing. The bedroom furniture was scratched but not too severely so they used a marker to fix that mess. Four draws didn't open with the dresser and the end tables didn't come with handles. Then unfortuntaley it took someone 2 weeks to come to the house to make a report on it and again I had to wait here for 6 hours for someone to come. Finally by Sept all the furniture was fixed and what needed to be replaced was. Not bad for ordering the furniture in March of 2007. 6 months later our mattress just fell apart. Someone came here and said it was a piece of crap and they gave us a store credit for the same amount the mattress cost us. They gave us 30 days to get to the store and order a new mattress. So we went there and after picking out another mattress the salesman tried charging us a delivery fee for a mattress that was defective. Then goes on to tell us it will take 1-2 weeks for the new mattress to come in. Now, 4 weeks later no one can tell us when we will get it.

Now that we made room in our living room for more furniture i had no choice but to order the remaining two tables to match my coffee table. Again, the salesman told us the longest it would take is 6 weeks. Now we get word we won't get it for actually 9 weeks. I have three kids and a puppy I don't need anymore agrivation and have been very patient with all the screw-ups. But this last order put me over the edge. I don't have any confidence that these last few items will come flawless.


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