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The Pet Zone / Fraud and scam

1 20 W Oak StreetPittston, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 570-655-3260

I purchased a female and male corn snake from the pet zone. My male corn snake is extremely aggressive even when I walk by the tank he will lunge at me. I tried to contact the pet zone as to what to do with him and i am getting no response. So they are not 'the after the pet sale' pet store I thought they were. They are great in getting you to purchase things and promise that they will be there to help with any problems after the sale but not in this case.

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  • Bi
      13th of Sep, 2008
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    The Whole Story
    Hello My name is Bill and I am the Owner and Operator of The Pet Zone. I thought since Robin got to tell her story I would tell mine.
    Robin came in to out store looking for snakes. We showed her what we had and she picked out 2 that she liked. She held them and got to see them up close at that time none where aggressive or biting. She picked out the 2 and took them home then next day we received this e-mail.

    Received on 6/01/08

    Just wanted to let you know the corn snakes I got Saturday made the trip home ok
    They are all set up and gave me no trouble eating
    They are amazing
    I named them Mazee and Jagger.
    Thank you for such friendly and excellent service
    Robin L

    Replayed on 6/01/08
    Hello Robin
    I am glad to hear that they are doing great for you. Which one did you name maze and which one did you name jagger?
    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I will keep you updated on when my baby ball pythons hatch.
    It was great meeting you and I am glad that they went to a caring home.
    The Pet Zone
    20 West Oak Street
    Pittston, Pa 18640
    Store (570)655-3260

    At that time she did not say anything about any of them being aggressive or biting.

    Then we got this
    Received on 6/01/08
    Mazee is the Motley
    Jagger is the Snow
    Please keep me updated on the pythons.
    I did want to ask you about the emerald one you have can that go in with other snakes? Im interested in that one.

    Replied with this on 6/01/08
    If that is the one you are talking about I usually only keep them with the same species as there are known to be aggressive but I do have 2 the one that you saw was the female and I have a male to go with her in my holdback room.
    I just want to make sure you know that these are an aggressive snake. All the snakes in this species are. They are not a pick up and hold type snake they are more of a look at pet as the are gorgeous and make Amazingly Beautiful Displays. I have set up many of them for people and they look excellent when setup right, but you cant pick them up unless you are willing to get bit.
    Have a great night.
    The Pet Zone
    20 West Oak Street
    Pittston, Pa 18640
    Store (570)655-3260
    Cell (570)540-0091

    That was the last e-mail we received form her for a while and as you can see we where very straight forward in telling that a snake that she was looking at would be aggressive.

    The next e-mail we received was the one below
    Received on 7/19/08

    I bought the one corn snake and he is very aggressive
    He has bitten me twice for just putting my hand in the tank
    I don't know what to do
    any suggestions?

    And we replied with the following
    Replayed on 7/20/08
    You have to pick him up an handle him as much as possible you can't let him think he is the boss just reach in and pick him up
    The Pet Zone
    20 West Oak Street
    Pittston, Pa 18640
    Store (570)655-3260

    Look at the dates of these 2 e-mails, it says in her post the we would not responded to her. She did not even give us 24 hours to reply before she posted the comments about us. We are very busy during the day taking care of our animals and customers we don't sit at the computer waiting to get e-mails, If anyone has a problem with something and the want an immediate answer they can call and we will be happy to help them, and if the e-mail please give us time to responded. We try to answer all of our e-mails in 24 to 48 hours which we did in this case. We are sorry she feels this way we wish she would haven given us a chance to help her, we do are best to please people.

    Also this comment has been posted everywhere, and not buy the same persone everytime it is posted it is under a differnt name just look for youself on this site is says Victor Djudo and on other is says Robin. Robin did buy 2 snakes off us but according to our records Victor Djudo did not. We can not figure out who they are if anybody knows please let us know. Also here is the link to where Robin posted originaly
    /URL removed/#345843

    Thanks for reading
    The Pet Zone
    Est. 1985

  • Da
      31st of May, 2009
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    Bought a bearded dragons hatchling from Pet Zone In march 09. The little guy is doing great. Very health and eats very well. The young man has his first beardie which is 14 yrs old. That says alot about the care they give. Will continue to deal with them a tell everyone about them.


  • Su
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    Hello, My name is Fred and I know both Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. and they are excellent at what they do. I have always received very good customer service from them. The girl who bought the snakes needs to remember that they are wild critters by nature even if captive bred and they don't always have to act like we want them to. I hope she takes this I to account the next time she buys a reptile or any other animal for that matter. Snakes are a very unpredictable bunch and one can't rely on the temperament with only a couple of times handling them. I will continue to do business with they and I can say that anyone should not be afraid to purchase anything from them.

  • Ni
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    If she was so upset about not getting a reply, why didn't she just come back to the store. If I was that upset, I would have gone back. I have heard nothing but good things about Pet Zone. I think she didn't like them as much as she thought she would and just didn't want to admit it.

  • Sc
      22nd of Aug, 2010
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    I dissagree completely i have been going there for years bill and his son are great and always willing to help out. Buying a snake and complaining that it bites is like buying a dog and complaining that it barks.

  • Th
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    i bought a red tail boa from the queensbury store and when i got it home i discoverd it was full of mites i went back to the store and told the usless employees to no advail they offerd to do nothing and never heard back from the manager the snake refused to eat and grew weak i tryed everything to rid hear of her infestation eventually she passed away i went back and left a message for the manager again 3 days later she called to tell me whatever thanks for the custmer support stay awayfrom this pet store let me guess bill this is MY FAULT

  • Te
      29th of Jun, 2011
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    This is to the comment above about the snake with mites. You said you bought a snake from there queensbury store but they dont have a store locaed there they have one location in Pittston, Pennsylvania as it says at the top of this post. The store you bought from is a different Pet Zone that they do not own or have anything to do with. The one you are looking for is they have 6 stores in new york and are not affilated with this Pet Zone in Pittston. There are emails for all the stores there where you might find help but posting on here about a store that is in a different state and has nothing to do with them is wrong you should read and investigate a little more next time.

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