The Peanut Bar / Shoddy service and ripoff!

1 Penn Street, Reading, PA, United States

I met with the owner to book and plan my daughters bridal shower. I was quoted a price and told that price included the serving staff including their tip.
I requested servers for our party only and was assured that our server will only be working our party and not in the main room with other diners.
Issue 1. Owner got rude with me because of the late starting time of the shower. I had the room booked for 3 hrs, so we got a slow start but never went over our end time and I was told prior that the room was not booked for anything else that day.
Issue 2. I paid the price quoted for all the food served. Coffee and soda was included and a cash bar. We had some extra quests arrive. No additional food was brought out nor was it needed there was plenty for everyone including the extra people who showed up. At the end of the shower I was presented with a bill for $300 extra dollars bc of the "extra guests" I was shocked! No extra food was brought out and the only additional things were a few sodas and one or two cups of coffee. The rest of the ppl paid cash at the bar for their drinks. I could not believe this.
Issue 3. I was promised my own staff for this event. There were two servers working my event and the whole other dining room. The servers were rude and my guests were left waiting for long periods for their drinks. Thank goodness our food was buffet style or no one would have eaten. When the extra guests showed they waited over 20 minutes to get a cup of coffee. The servers truly did not care that they were giving poor service bc their tip was already included. After being given this large additional bill I asked at the end of the shower for all the leftovers to be packed up. I was given a major attitude over this but figured I paid for the food, so I am taking the rest of it with me.
Issue 4. I felt overall that we were being treated like we were not good enough to be there and that the owner decided to stick it to me for what ever reason with the additional charges. We were not rowdy or rude, just a bunch of women having a bridal shower in a private room. My husband paid the bill and we left. I did not want to cause a scene. However I will never go to the Peanut Bar in Reading PA on Penn Street again. Their food is not that great, crappy service and they are rip offs. This place is touted as a Reading tradition bc it has been around for so long and has a bunch of regulars who are stuck up snobs. Pleeese ppl you are not anybody and Reading is a craphole in the middle of nowhere.
I also recommended the Peanut Bar to my company while we had visiting clients from out of state. This was prior to my shower. Well imagine my distress and embarrassment when my boss told me they saw mice running around in the dining room!!
So do your self a favor, don't bother going to the Peanut Bar in Reading PA. They are a ripoff and you will not be treated nicely.


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