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I was a member of the Pavilion Sports/Fitness Club in Thornhill, ON for 12 months in [protected]. I had purchased a one year membership and when it expired I did not renew it. Today, October 29, 2008, I received a call from a collection agency indicating that I owed them over $400 because, according to the collection agency, the Pavilion, in fine print on the back of their contract, indicated that I would have to tell them to cancel my membership - otherwise they were entitled to an ongoing membership fee.

At no time did anyone at the Pavilion point out that there was negative billing attached to the contract and, in fact, negative billing is illegal in Ontario. Beware of this Ripoff club - they are desperate for money. If you're looking for a fitness club DON'T join the Pavilion - they will RIP YOU OFF at any chance they get.

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  • Ga
      Dec 04, 2008

    Had the same experience, Critical you send a registered letter to the collection agency and the club denying their claim.

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  • He
      Mar 02, 2009

    My friend and I joined the Pavillion Sports Club in Thornhill ON. When our year was up we decided not to rejoin because it was way too overpriced, especially for students. We knew about the cancellation fee because we made sure to ask a few months before our contract ended. We went in more than one month before the end date in order to cancel because that's how much time they asked for. We got copies of the cancellation because I have learned not to trust contracts with any company. January came, and our contract was over and my friend's credit card was charged the activation fee of over $100!!! He went to talk to them and they said that they would write him a cheque as a refund of that charge, it would take 14 days to three months. NOW, 3 months later he went in and asked for his cheque and they said it was being processed and it would take 3-6 months to recieve it!!! I find it so funny that this gym is eager to take your money and it can be charged within days to your account but when they mess up and screw young students by taking their money it takes 6 months to write a cheque. WOW, that is one slow accountant if you ask me!!! I would NOT recommend this gym to anyone who wants to join a reliable and honest gym!

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