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The Palms at Cypress Station / burnt molded bldg.

1 990 Cypress Station DrHouston, TX, United States Review updated:

In this apartment complex, they have had 2 big fires in a 6 to 8 month period. The first fire destroyed an entire bldg., and the only thing that was left was the slab and one wall. The second fire destroyed 7 apartments in that bldg., but the only thing that they have done is put a fence that is not locked around the bldg. I have seen children going into those burnt apartments, drug users and animals, it is not safe. The smell of mold from those apartments is very strong at times, especially after it rains. I have spoke with the managment about the situation and nothing is getting resolved. It has been a year since the last fire and the burnt bldg still stands. I think that it is a health hazard, and I asked to move, because my apartment is directly across from that bldg, but management wants me to pay a deposit and a transfer fee and I don't feel like I should have to pay anything since I feel my health and the health of my family is at risk.

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  • I0
      5th of Apr, 2011
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    I lived there when both buildings burned down. We lived in building number 17 along the fence line near the dumpsters that faced another complex. I actually called the fire Marshall stating the apartments had no fire walls and that I was sure it had to be part of the building code, I was informed that the year the apts were originally built it was not in the building code to make fire walls in the attic. I also inquired about what started the fires cause our lights flickered a lot and I was afraid the fires might have been electrical. I was told one was accidental and the other was being investigated or something but the lady at the fire Marshall's office never got back to me even though I filled out all paperwork required to get the info.

    One day the dumpsters themselves had been set on fire. Plus the building next to ours had an exposed uncapped sewage pipe that regularly spewed out tainted waste that would sometimes cover the sidewalk with toilet paper and human fecle matter. Not to mention all the crazy things that had been going on right before our lease expired, which resulted in us moving out. One day a bunch of cops came out cause there was supposedly a kid with a gun. A few days after that some woman was waving a knife in the air at a group of kids and yelling at them about leaving her kid alone or something. It is not safe there. There have also been a number of break ins.

    You should look into breaking your lease legally since you know your health is at risk. Persistance is the key. Good luck.

  • Jd
      4th of Jun, 2011
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    i currently stay in the palms and this is my second month and i'm already ready to move. they told me that the apartments were refurbished but i know they only sid that to get me inside the apartment in the lease. but i informed the management that the apartment had problems. but they only came to fix somethings. my ac is leakin and i've informed the management twice and they've done nothing. they sent a maintanence guy over even though he seen the water damage he said that it must be soemthing that the painters painted over. so i woke up the next morinin and seen a puddle of water in the dining room. i'm fed up with the palms i'm gonna talk to the corporate office insisting that they give us another apartment and the apartment i'm in has damage to is

  • Ro
      4th of Jun, 2014
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    Has anyone had issues with mgt at palms to where they dony want to refund deposit money nor give u a place???

  • Mi
      29th of Apr, 2016
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    This particular property apparently has it's priorities in the wrong place. I am very unsatisfied with management and the parking policy. I was towed for parking In a visible handicapped parking spot. I was told by management that the spot was covered on the past and due to the weather it has been uncovered, meaning that the spot is in its original state removing the covering right? So I was charged $189 to receive my car and rent is due on the 1st smh. I should have been accommodated for the miscommunication but instead the Manger didn't even bother to get a hold of her boas to resolve this issue. This is unexceptional and I will be going to corporate

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