The Overlookdangerous

We lived here for a year to hear nothing but noise all day long. The one bedroom apartments are poorly designed where you only have one wall to place your bed. That wall is the outside wall that is up against the steel stairwell. All night long people run up and down the stairs, slam their doors, yell out their windows, talk loud on their cell phones walking up the stairs, or in the parking lot. Drugs are sold right across the street from the so called "courtesy officer". He is just a Davidson County policeman from the north precinct that lives here just to get a discount on his rent. We have yet to see him interfere in anything going on around here. However, he did have a party of his own the other night running around his apartment and out onto his deck with a few girls. The maintenance crew is so called "certified" but when it comes to electrical they don't know sqwat. That is why each time I turn on the vent fan in the bathroom with my light the lights go out. I have to push the reset button on the wall outlet to get them to come back on. Told them to fix it, but they said it was out fault for keeping the blow dryer plugged in and the nightlight. Really? I went through 3 dryers while living there because their wall outlet was too hot for my dryer. The dog park, what a joke!!! It's a fenced off area with one tree. No one uses but me and maybe one other person uses the poop bags. You can't use it anymore because the yard guys don't clean it. But, oh they do edge around the tree!! It is always filled with poop, and you have to try and walk around it and then figure out which poop pile is your dogs!! Parking is awful!! Between the illegals parking their work vans with racks of ladders and their broken down trucks, good luck trying to find a place close to your building. The women in the office will pretend to like you and then when you complain about something, they will stab you in the back. Good luck, with trying to get you packages from the office, too. Sometimes they forget to write them in the book. People have had there packages lost or stolen, there are many complaints on other sites about this. Before we moved in, our neighbor found a man in his running car DEAD!!! It had been running for days and no one, not even the yard guy, checked!! Not even the courtesy officer and his car was parked across from his building!!! It was on Channel 5 news if you want to Google it. All I can say is, if you live there, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN, if you don't and are checking them out, DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Dec 31, 2014

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