The Obamas, Michelle Wolff / see above

We have been Netflix members since the days of DVDs thru the mail. We cut the cable cord last year, went w a Gigablast Internet service thru CenturyLink and stream only on large flat screen TVs, iPads, smartphones, laptops. Of course, Netflix one of our streaming sources however: We never out programming based on political content. We seek entertainment. Movies based on historical fact are great...programming based on political endorsement/conversion ...NO. We had noted small indications of a liberal/progressive Netflix leaning but we let it pass. The hiring of Susan Rice, programming content of the Obamas and Michelle Wolff are bullhorn announcements Netflix intends to program its' users w liberal/progressive content and you'll have to count us out. W Prime Amazon, Hulu, You Tube etc., Netflix no longer not only the only game in town but no longer the premier game in town. This will not end well for Netflix as I doubt we are but a drop in the deluge of lost customers. We can get our Netflix Grace and Frankie's et al elsewhere. Just as we get Shameless and Homeland on Prime Amazon...we will eventually get Netflix tv elsewhere. We will be sufficiently entertained while we wait.
Dr. And Mrs. S. Bruce Badaglialacqua

May 28, 2018

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