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We booked two deliveries for high profile clients in Germany ( Journalists) they lived 3 km apart and requested they be delivered on the same vehicle, on or before the 8th of November as one of the journalists was leaving the country on the 9th - this was stipulated at the time of booking and confirmed all would be as requested. I received a message on the 7th from one of the clients to say she had received notification that her mattress would be with her on the 8th, the other client (the one leaving the country on the 9th) had notification the truck had crashed ion Austria ??/ questioning why the orders were not on the same vehicle. I contacted the account manager in the UK who told me a completely different story confirming both orders would be delivered on the 8th. This did not happen. In fact the client called the German depo who told her they had lost her shipment!!! they also told her if they needed to hold it at the depo for the duration of her trip she would incur storage charges !!!The client did not receive her order on time and so had to go on her trip with the promise of a call the moment she returned on the 15th after 11 am. She returned on the 15th - NO CALL- I once again emailed the UK Account manager who was out of office until 4pm, he read the messsage as I received a read receipt but did not respond until after closing hours at my office, so I had no clarification for my client. The UK Account Manager in his response said he would be in touch this morning 16.11 and still no email - 10.58 am despite yet a further email from me. This goes beyond appalling - I will never be using your company again. The above is just the tip of the iceberg this has taken endless amount of tooing and froing from me to both clients - the UK account manager and still no delivery.

Nov 16, 2017

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