The National Center For Missing And Exploited ChildrenHenry Spears

There has never been a more useless organization than The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. I reported my lost stolen kidnapped children to this organization when my ex-wife essentially kidnapped them to another state and possibly out of the country, and all this goddamned organization did was grill me for 30 minutes or more asking me all sorts of inappropriate questions, with this freaky woman asking me questions, speaking breathlessly like she was some of type of pedophile, and then all they did for me was - NOTHING. I received a call a few days later from another pedophile sounding freak named Henry Spears who supposedly runs this sham tax-avoiding entity, who also told me they would not do anything for me, could not help me, would not help me, and sounded like a completely cold-hearted and totally uncompassionate ### on the phone. These people could care less about missing or kidnapped kids and at the very best, are as useless as tits on a bull, but at the very worst, they could very well just simply be a “front organization” for the international child pornography, kidnapping, and child prostitution industry which is supposedly in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year. They could very well simply be paid-for shadow agents of this global Luciferian business, taking tips and leads and finding out which kids are for sale and on the market, and which are not. To add insult to injury, these ###s don’t pay taxes because they are apparently a charitable organization, but once again, they don’t do ### for anyone. And they could care less about you and your children, kidnapped or not. The FBI should really investigate these ### but - oh I forgot - 90% of the FBI leadership are probably child-###ers anyway and are also probably “on the take” from the international child sex trafficking business.

Jan 01, 2015

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