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I was a long time subscriber to the Morning Call. However, due to issues with the current carrier, I emailed the Circulation Dept on 3/14/10 explaining the problem, and I asked that my paper be cancelled immediately and to refund my money for 3/14, along with the rest of March, which was paid in advance. The next day, I received an email back telling me the carriers behavior is unacceptable and someone would contact me immediately. Needless to say that never happened.

All this time, the carrier is delivering my paper, and on 4/1, comes to my house to collect for April, telling me I owe him money! Emailed again...and again the same response-Nothing. 4/17/10 I called the customer service dept, and now they are telling me that they do not owe me any money because my paper was cancelled on 4/1, and I received all of the papers I paid for, even though I have the emails with the date of the cancellation request.

They are now refusing to refund my money. Thank God it was only a month I paid in advance. Can you imagine if it was the entire year?

Stay away from this paper! They make you pay in advance, will not cancel when you ask them to, and will not refund any money paid in advance. Also, IF you receive your papers, they will be soaking wet and unreadable, and they will not address the issues with carriers, or make good for the papers.


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