The Merchant Services Co.Bad service

After applying and obtaining the equipment and services from Leaders local rep...I begin to use the credit card processing terminal to find out each and every day I used the terminal I had to call and spend one hour on the phone with customer order to get the terminal to accept the credit cards.

I decided to use the Internet for processing my Credit Card transactions. Which Leader was unable to assist me that day so I contacted Quickbooks which set me up same day service. With in 3 weeks a customer services rep from Leaders called me back to set up my Internet connection w/ Leaders.

After explaining the situation they told me I was under a 2 year agreement, which was incorrect. They asked me to send my contract in for review which they confirmed I was correct. I decided to live out the contract to save a few dollars verse the penalty for canceling early.

Now one year and one month later I call to cancel and went thought the same process as above. Once again found to be correct I was told the services are canceled, to find the charge again on my bank statement the following month.

Again I called and repeated the steps above again I was assured this has been canceled. Third time I called and went though the same conversation and proving Leaders with my terms and conditions they stated they would personally handle it and I told them I would close the bank account this time. They proceeded to hit my account that day for the monthly charge plus now 10.00 customer service fee for calling to complain!

Stop the thieves now and don't entertain the thought of using them...I highly recommend Quickbooks! Month to Month and user friendly with same day transactions deposited directly to your account!

Sign a Happy Quickbook CC customer!

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