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On 01/28/2017 I had the displeasure of speaking with Michelle Eubanks of The Marketplace. I was told she was making notes on my case. She was unwilling to help and I was frustrated and when I firmly suggested she was being fraudulent, she hung up. The BCBS rep, who was also on the phone redialed and we spoke with a new marketplace rep. She claimed that there were no notes on the case and that the policy had been canceled. The cancelation was news to both myself and Mr.Thrasher w/BCBS. I suspect Michelle Eubanks spitefully canceled the policy because never during the conversation and either BCBS or the marketplace mentioned the policy had been canceled. Ms. Queen, the new marketplace rep claimed "the system" showed the policy was canceled 01/26/2017. Why would I have called and, more importantly, why would Mr. Thrasher have wasted his time on a canceled policy? I'm sure "his system" would have alerted him to the cancelation before he called the marketplace? And, why would Michelle Eubanks now have mentioned the policy cancelation right at the start of the conversation? I demand to know why Michelle Eubanks canceled the coverage! I demand to know what will be done to prevent her from doing that to others in the future!

Jan 28, 2017

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