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The Limited (a woman's clothing store) / Disgusted with the transaction!

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On 10-22-06 at approximately 12:30 p.m. I entered The Limited (a woman's clothing store) at Oakview Mall in Omaha, NE. I had my receipt. I was greeted by a woman who admitted she was new and did not know how to do a return and would need to seek some assistance from the manager. She was polite and friendly. When she finished my transaction she began to hand me $145 in 5's and 1's. I asked the manager if she had any larger bills. I was informed that it would require her to go into the back room and get into the safe and that was too much work. I was told that I would just have to take my cash the way it was. I am disgusted at how this transaction was handled.

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  • Br
      17th of Jan, 2008

    I think there are bigger issues in the world VS. complaning about such trivial things, as this person oviosly doesnt represent the entire company.

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  • Ko
      7th of Jun, 2008

    You got your money back. Who cares if it was in 5's and 1's? Money is money lady.

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  • Re
      7th of Jan, 2009

    I agree - money is money- who really cares ~ This is a very trivial complaint ~

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  • Br
      10th of Jan, 2009

    This do not surprise me at all, you are the typical type of customer I deal with each and every day. I have been a retail manager for 15 years, and what seems to always AMAZE me, is customers like YOU that make the BIGGEST issues out of the SMALLEST things . I enjoy what I do, but I could never keep a steady happy full staff of associates because thier biggest issue is how rude and nasty people can be. Not everyone who walk through our doors are terrible; but you can be the most helpful, energetic, happy person working on the sales floor and it would just take an obnoxious person like this to change your mood and mind state.

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  • Ju
      10th of Jan, 2009

    You are kidding. Right? You are upset your money was handed to you in small bills rather than large bills? You should be thrilled that the store didn't find some offbeat reason to not do the return, like many do, and instead gave you your money albeit in small bills. Glad they didn't issue the refund in coins, you might have had to pop some Xanax to overcome to trauma.

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  • Se
      19th of Mar, 2009

    Yes, the associate should have given her back the change in coins to make her go into a traumatic state of mind because why are you returning something you couldn't afford in the first place and knowing you the money. Oh, an don't blame it on it was to small or you didn't try it on at the store because you are a hurry. Really!

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  • Sa
      19th of Apr, 2009

    It seems that you get "disgusted" with very little! Now, if you had said "I was inconvenienced" I might have understood your feelings. But "disgusted" is obviously an over-statement, and if your attitude matched your statement (that is, if you over-reacted), I feel sorry for the employees at that store!

    I think you need to "get a life" or get a job yourself.

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  • Ch
      17th of Oct, 2015

    The people who work at Strongsville Ohio store are great. My complaint which they understand is now they won't take vertical dollars on clearance. I am a frequent customer and think that is stupid and poor customer service. Repeat not associates fault. They also don't like to give hangers out any longer claim they are lossing money. That is not good either what store does that to customers. Another stupid why is clearance prices different from store to store. I like there stuff but not happy with decisions they are making. This has nothing to do with previous complain. Do think that customer above made a big deal over nothing

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