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This is a scam email and application and questionnaire for a fake job which was sent in by a member. The email [protected] is from a domain which is being used only for email and was registered on registered on: 26-Jan-2011 by the scammers. That domain is chosen because it is close the real domain of the hotel which is

Subject: Application Form & Details
From: Human Resource <[protected]> Wed, 11 May 2011 00:30:02
To: <recipients undisclosed>
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Dear Applicant,

According to the management analyzing of your resume/cv, you are been shortlisted.

We would like to inform you that if you want to apply job in our company kindly fill the attached PDF Application Form, answer the Interview Form and send to us at earliest. (The file can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Note: Read the conditions carefully before you apply.

Thank You

Mr. Drezmer Hill
Human Resource Department
The Landmark Hotel

TEL: +[protected], +[protected]
FAX: +[protected]

Full Name:______________________________ Parents Name : ______________________________
Full Address:____________________________________________________ ____________________
Telephone No:______________________ Fax: ______________________ Mobile:________________
Qualification:______________________________________________ ___________________________
Age:______ Sex (F/M)______________________ Date of Birth: ________________________________
Passport No:____________________ Date of Issue: ______________ Date of Expiry:______________
Place of Birth:__________________________ Email Address:_________________________________

High School / University :___________________________________________________________ ____
Martial Status: Married ________________ Divorce: ________________ Nationality:_______________
International Driving License: Yes _______ No: _______ Date of Expiry : _________________________
From:___________________________________ To: ________________________________________
Certificate Held : B.A B.SC. B.COM H.N.D M.A M.SC M.COM P.H.D TOEFL IELTS R.S.A
Current Company / Previous Company: ___________________________________________________
From: _____________________ To: _________________________ Last Net Salary: ______________
Documents attached (no’s):_____________________________________________________ ________
Position applied for:________________________________________________________ ___________
Referred By:_________________________________________________________ ________________
Passport Size Photo

Below are the questionnaire you need to explain and send us back so that it will help us to analyze about you more. After you send this Questionnaire answers back you will receive from our Human resource Department the status of selection, if you are selected you will receive appointment letter within 7 days.

TEL: +[protected], +[protected]
FAX: +[protected]

1. Have you ever been to UK before, why you want to join in the Hotel Industry, Why you want to chose this industry whereas you have option in going for another industry, explain in detail?

2. What category of job your looking for and why explain in detail?

3. Are youbflexible in working and travelling anywhere, have you travelled to any other country before, if yes specify and what is the purpose of visit?

4. What is your family background, how many members explain about them in detail?

5. Have you done any English Course or Personality Development Course, if yes produce the certificates? How good you are in Computers, explain in detail?

6. What is your achievement and goal in your life, where would you like to see yourself in the next few years? Can you explain more about your job Responsibilities?

7. If you're selected for the job within how many days you can join the company, how much time you need to resign if your working from your current job?

8. Do you want to travel with your family, if yes, how many members, do they have international passport?

9. Do you know any Foreign Languages like French, Germany, and Spanish?

10. As per the policy of Company we don’t provide Visa for any employee if selected, so are you financially ok and your family sounds financially good?

11. Can you bear the visa processing charges? ?

12. Have you ever been awarded for your best performance or any certificate is presented to you?

The Process and Procedure is as follows:

1. The Application form and Questionnaire which have to be printed and duly fill by you and scan back to us to this Email – [protected]

2. Terms & Conditions: All Applicants are liable to bear the visa processing charges (Compulsorily Applicable) and which will be approximately 1200 Pounds, the visa charges varies as it depends on the country you belong (Origin).

3) a) Salary is Negotiable (Based on Qualification and Experience Level)

b) Flight Ticket is partly bear by the applicant; the ticket will be from (Country of staying) to United Kingdom.

4) Company is providing complimentary to all the employees, following are the details:

a) Accommodation
b) Food & Beverages

5) Visa Process Info: The visa processing takes 10-15 days which our appointed visa processing officer in your country associated with the British High Commission will contact you for your visa issuance at earliest by the appoint date.

b) Mandatory: The process will be done by our appointed visa processing officer which all the procedure have to be followed by all the applicants, employee have to bear all the visa processing charges which will be approximately (1200 Pounds) and will be reimbursed (refund) after joining the company. Note: Applicants are liable to forfeit His/Her opportunity if not abide with the rules and regulations of the Visa Processing.

If you accept the Terms & Conditions, kindly send the Application Form & Answers for Questionnaire and as soon as we receive your documents you will receive a Telephonic Interview from the Human Resource Department.

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