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The Jenny Rose Center / harrasment/ bullying at work

1 296 E. Brown St. Suite BEast Stroudsburg, PA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5704213415

I have worked for this company for 16 months. The owner is female and her husband is also part owner. They are going through a nasty divorce. The podiatrist that works there was going on maternity leave for 6 weeks in Nov. 2008, and the other three employees(incl. myself) ended up being laid off as well due to the podiatrist's leave and the faxt that business was slow. We were informed we were being laid off 2 days before the lay off was to begin. The Christmas holidays were not so rosey for me, while I was waiting for my first unemployment check to arrive. I was told the office would be re-opening on the 12th of Jan .2009. I did get a phone call from my boss stating she decided to open the clinic for a few patients. Her schedule was growing, and she wanted a "break", so she asked me to work one day for 5 hrs.. That day didn't go well, since my boss left me alone in the office doing the work of at least 2 people. I discussed this with her and we both decided I would just come back to work on the 12th of Jan... Well that day came and I retrned to work, but I did get a phone call 3 days before(the friday before) telling me I would only be working on a "flexible" schedule of 3 hrs. a day, then maybe less depending on if she needed me-seems she had some court hearings coming up. I worked 3 hrs. on Momday, 3 hrs. on Tuesday-this is when the bullying began.
It started first thing in the morning. Only me and one other employee were running the office, because my boss had to leave. I needed to call my boss to ask her a question, then I mentioned on the side of the building I was working on there was two patients that were being treated, and I couldn't take care of both of them. I mentioned I would need the other employee to come over, but that she was busy taking care of the podiatrist's new born baby. I was told by my boss that she would be back in a few mins. and that I needed to "Deal with it." When my boss came back she told me if I didn't like my job or the way things were running around here I should Quit. This turned into her yelling that I should be able to handle it, in front of a nurse and a parent of one of the patient's. Then I was asked to go into my boss' office. She asked me what my problem was. I mentioned the abdoning issue, the fact that I was laid off with only 2 days notice, and how when I thought I was coming back to work full-time after 8 weeks off-then finding out it's just for a few hrs. a week. How I was promised a Christmas bonus and never received one. And once again she told me to quit. I told her I will not quit, she would have to fire me first, and she has no grounds. She agreed and said she has always been happy with my work. She asked me to come in the next day (Wed.) from 11am-2pm. So I did just that, only to find out at noon it would be just me and her in the office. As soon as the other employees left she told me not to speak to her husband ever again. She asked me if I was servicing her husband, and I told her "No." She told me I wouldn't want to know what it is like on the woman's side of a divorce, and that it isn't pretty. Then she told me she can make my life hell, call my husband and tell him something. That I had better hope he would believe me over her. That she didn't want to play athe game like this, but that I left her no choice. By this time I refused to open my mouth and say anything to her. She told me she never expected this from me. She is disgusted and speechless. Then there were no other patients and I could go home. As I walked to my car she was in the parking lot yelling "you'd better resign now it's in your best interest. I drove away. Thurs. I called out, and Fri. I didn't call out, I didn't go into work. My work place is not the same, and I do not feel comfortable with the things my boss says to me.

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  • Ph
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    Call the dept. of labor and industry. All too often employers KNOW nothing but intimidation. It is entirely too bad that you chose such a corupt company to work for. All of the medical community knows how the Parkers operate and why they cannot keep any staff they have had. They take advantage of parents with children that have special needs, all the while a nurse raises their own.
    I personally know of 2 former employees who have filed complaints and I'm positive the Parkers have no ideas that attorneys have been secured and they are in so much trouble, their divorce will be a walk in the park. It takes time to build a case, gather evidence, that time is coming to a close. To be honest, it is good that you got out when you did. They will be slammed with huge financial fines, your paycheck would've stopped anyway.
    You should know this is no way to be treated, the Dept. of labor and industry exsists for a reason! Use them! Fortunatly I've never personally been involved in such a corrupt environment, but know those that were- they sought action- and it will pay off in the end!

  • Ni
      20th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I don't think anyone was taken "advantage" of in fact, they help a lot of families. I know them and a nurse did not raise their child. In fact, they have done exemplifying things for that little girl that most parents could have never. Their divorce is a separate matter and a personal one. I think you should get your facts straight and you sound very begrudged over something?

  • Fr
      22nd of Nov, 2009
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    I know the Parkers and know that their only intent was to help the children.I saw many good things happen to patients who had therapy at the Jenny Rose Center, including seeing a mother cry because her son walked for the first time after some time there and doing therapy. If you have a gripe it's probably because you were fired for not doing your job!

  • Dm
      1st of Jan, 2016
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    I'm sad to find the center has closed...I was trying to refer a friend when I found this Horrible post. I was a patient there and I'm pretty sure I know the poster--shame on you! The Jenny Rose Center saved my life. This so called employee was no Victim here, she in fact created circumstances that in many ways lead to the center having to close it's doors! Don't pity her, rather the numerous patients who no longer have access to Hyperbaric Treatments.

    I had Lyme Disease. Had I never been diagnosed by my doctors via multiple blood tests I might have resigned myself to the alternative diagnosis of MS...including the tell-tale plaques on my brain. I was able to her Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy which destroyed the bacteria ravaging my Immune System. I'm one of few people who can say I HAD Lyme Disease. Jenny Rose was the only place I could get that therapy. Shame on you the snowball effect of your actions lead to the closing of the center, you've denied a multitude of others access to treatment, you had the nerve to call yourself a nurse and greater nerve to post as the victim here. Shame on YOU!
    Lyme Disease is also called the Mimic (Autoimmune) Disease as the various strains of bacteria attack the immune system and cause symptoms of Autoimmune Disorders like MS, ARTHRITIS Lupus Chrone's Disease just to name a few. Because we still do not have a reliable blood test many people are walking around with these diseases because they were not diagnosed and treated early enough. I was lucky to be diagnosed. However I was not happy to find the only available treatment at that time was massive rounds of oral antibiotics, for me I had taken loads, of Antibiotics in the 80's for sinus infections... drug companies made a huge push to dole them out like candy with Payday size profits rolling in. Meanwhile my stomach grew increasingly intolerant as the doses increased... Why increase the doses, well the antibiotics were really just a band aide providing temporary relief. My symptoms would go away forma while then return with vengeance, when they didn't respond to the previous regime new stronger antibiotics were prescribed. I realized all to late in the Big Parma Profit Scheme that not only was I not being cured my Immune System was taking a severe beating...which down compromised my immune system to the point that I was all the more vulnerable to a pernicious bacteria like the Borrelia aka Lyme variety. Sparing longer detail I was not taking more pills... some doctors were experimenting with IV antibiotics but this kind treatment was not covered by insurance until years later when Big Parma came up with products like IV treatment for Arthritis... and now for Chrome's about $2K per pop when it first came out... basically a way to deal I mean dole out massive doses, of antibiotics at Million Dollar Candy Bar prices, I mean profits. Diligent research lead me to divine intervention I found myself just moles away from Jenny Rose, the ONLY place within a 100+mile radius where I was allowed this life saving treatment. While many major hospital have HBOT they only authorize use for Diabetics facing limb loss or burn victims, finally some hospitals recognize the life and death difference for stroke victims if they get immediate treatment... duh, increased O2 and blood flow to the brain after a stroke... why isn't that standard protocol for stroke??? My personal belief is there's no money to be made using a non drug therapy approach to traumatic brain injuries like strokes... if a patient survives a stroke the deficits of its destruction like loss, of speech or paralysis for example are treated with long term costly therapies...HBOT if accessed quickly enough can stop or significantly reduce the motorsystem damage caused by stroke when the brain is cutoff from oxygen and adequate blood supply. Connect the dots, unfortunately our healthcare system has and it doesn't draw a pretty picture for the patient. PS Jenny Rose Center always made stroke victims their Number One priority, just 2 blocks from the Hospital ER some lucky patients had this option... but because of this selfish 'employee', no one has this option.

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