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The High-line Motor Group / Sold me a junk Vehicle

1 1150 Westford StreetLowell, MA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 978-970-2166

I had taken the vehicle that I had purchased from The High-line Motor Group dealership to get a Mass state inspection. After the vehicle failed the State Inspection I contacted the dealership and spoke with the person that sold the car to me. He said that they would never take back a vehicle under any circumstances. I then decided to contact the Attorney General’s office to learn about my rights as a consumer. After learning about the Lemon Aid law I decided to seek remedy under the Lemon Aid Law Statute (MGL Title XIV Chapter 90 Section 7N). After completely complying with the Lemon Aid Law Statue I returned the vehicle, with a witness present, on Sunday June 21, 2009 and the dealership gladly accepted the vehicle and informed me that they would gladly issue a refund in accordance with the statute. The dealership then advised me that I could not take my trade-in vehicle home because the registration could not be transferred until the following day and that moving the license plates over to my old vehicle would be illegal. They instructed me to keep the plates on the pick-up truck that was being returned and they would move the plates to my old car the following day.
It was not until the following day that I learned the dealership had somehow got the vehicle to pass the state inspection. The owner of the dealership then proceeded to threaten me with fraud allegations and jail time if I did not come and pick-up the truck that night. The phone call was threatening and insulting. The allegations made on the phone call were all baseless. They had set-up a scam to attempt to defraud me of my rights as a consumer in Massachusetts. I later learned that I would have been able to return the registration license plates to my old vehicle and take the vehicle on the road that evening. The dealership deliberately deceived me into believing that I needed to keep the plates on the truck that I was returning. They are now alleging that I had worked a scam with the inspection station to defraud the dealership. Please note that I have no history of any similar behavior. They allege that I removed fuses prior to the inspection of the vehicle. These allegations are all baseless because they have not provided any proof all they have done is supply suggestion. When I arrived at the inspection station I simply requested that vehicle be inspected thoroughly since I am not an automobile professional I requested diligence from the Massachusetts State Inspector. This company is attempting to defraud me of my consumer rights and just because they fabricate stories and threaten me with baseless accusations they should not be allowed to bully people into believing their rights do not hold-up when they purchase a vehicle from The High-line Motor Group. After seeking council at a law office in Medford, MA I was advised to seek all alternatives prior to filing a civil suit against the company.
I traveled to the dealership that evening, with a witness, and they refused to allow me to remove my old vehicle from the premises. I notified the Lowell Police Department and they concluded that they could not enforce the law on a civil matter and that I could better pursue the matter through the BBB and the Mass Attorney General's office and if those options proved futile then a civil suit would be required. I do not nor have I ever intended to defraud this company. I simply complied with a statute that this company is choosing to ignore. I have nothing to gain from returning this vehicle. I will lose money from this unfortunate process. I do not believe that bullies should be allowed to circumvent a system simply because they are skilled liars. Just because they do not want to accept a returned vehicle does not mean that they can get away with having contempt for the law.

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  • Ed
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    I also purchase a vehicle at the High Line Motor Group in Lowell, MA. A Jaguar X-Type. I regret I ever did. Please beware- their customer service is appealing... at first.

    Before buying the car, I confronted them about the collision the car was in reported on Car Fax... they told me the car got hit by a shopping cart at the supermarket and "there is nothing wrong with the car's structural or mechanical integrity." They then told me that if there was ANYTHING wrong with the car down the line, just call and they would repair any & all problems- even said that they would replace parts $0.50 on the dollar.

    It is now a few months later and the car will not start when cold. I've even had to have it towed to a repair shop... and incurred a $700.00 bill for a new starter motor, spark plugs- and a new distributor cap. In addition to this, my rear view mirrors are stuck, my passenger side windows don't work and the right side skirt is starting to fall off. I can only imagine what will happen next. I’ve tried calling the High Line Motor Group, left messages with the John and Evan the salesmen/owners, and was even told by the head of their "repair shop in the back" that I would be called back, and it would all be taken care of. It's now been over a month and I have not heard from anyone. After reading some of these posts... I'm not surprised.

    Unfortunately, I must admit that I am yet another victim of The High Line Motor Group, and I would STRONGLY recommend that ANYONE planning on purchasing a vehicle should stay far away from this place. In retrospect, my gut told me not to buy the car, but I was too much of a fool and believed their lies. I was conned by their deceitful sales practices and I wish I was never involved with them.

    And the person commenting above defending The High Line Motor Group is likely one of the owners. Don't listen... more lies.

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