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The Healing Touch / living

1 Orlando, FL, United States

Apartment unit being unclean on move in, black mold, baby roaches, bed bugs in walls.
I was There for 3 yrs, The first 2 yrs were okay, 1 Br's are pretty decent. The inside is very cheap looking, it's very old. AC didn't really cool anything off. There was black mold on the inside of the AC doors, The staff was great at first. Didn't take to long to fix or repair things. I also had an issue with water dripping from the light switch near the ac unit, an water coming down an seeping into the carpet. I was sick of being in the far back, so I want ed to move out of the area I was in. The 3rd year I was pressured to move into a bigger place which I was unsure of. I just wanted to be in a different building away from neighbors yelling at all times of twilight while your trying to sleep. They harassed me to finalize while I was away out of state on a job while I was trying to rest after a 26 hr drive. I would of said no, forget it if I didn't have a place to stay. A couple months after moving in I had a mouse problem before I left for a week an exterminator was called, not sure it did anything because I was still hearing noises. I set traps an baited it with tainted chips, it worked. I have all kinds of roaches, little ones in the bathroom. I bombed twice, it seemed to help. I had black mold again on the inside the AC door it took months to come out an finally replace it. I had no problem with the screen on the patio, then it was ripped open for no sure what the reason was. I notified them that, it took months for someone to finally come after I had a family of cats on my patio. The issue was finally taken care of, but apparently they were carrying fleas. I was finding inside after caring boxes out to the trash right before the hurricane came. Then come to find out that had bed bugs on my mattress after finding out I had welts of red marks on my arms. I was months before I realized what it was, when I saw them on the sheet of the bed. Which I found an adult on the living room wall not knowing what it was. I never had an issue with these parasites until I lived here. Thinking it was just a dead beetle, I left it alone. Finding out later their in the bedroom walls. Which I sprayed exterminator spray thoroughly through out the apartment. The only room not affected was the spare room. A couple weeks before i moved out finding a baby snake on my rug in the kitchen. They try to make me pay for the treatment an other charges after leaving making sure I left it clean except for a little trash. Charging me for a dish I didn't even have. Charging me half a month for moving out on the 1st, which I had everything out on the 30th, with one last trip after work on the first an the keys dropped off in the drop box, since no one was there in the office to talk to.

The Healing Touch

Dec 31, 2017

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