The Hartford Insurance Companyclaim denied

I went with Hartford Homeowners insurance because AARP recommended it. Recently I had to file a claim because my deck is pulling away from my house and needs to be re-stabilized and they told me it was due to faulty workmanship and they are not responsible for this defective workmanship. I went to the La Mesa, CA. planning department and got all my deck plans and talked to Engineer and he told me that there was no faulty workmanship on the said property and that everything was completed in compliance with the California Building Code 1997 Uniform Building Code and also the 2001 California Building Code which are the building codes that applied to my home when it was constructed in 2001 / 2002. He also assured me that a waterproofing system was in place for the deck. I am very sad that AARP would recommend a company that declines their claims and puts the blame on the homeowner. If they do business like this, you should not recommend them.

Jun 09, 2018

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