The Haley Law Firm LLC / Fraud

1 6770 Alexander Bell Dr, Columbia, United States

This attorney is a thief and fraud. He comes across as a knowledgeable attorney but once he gets those payments, he can not be reached. I have give this attorney $2500 then he NEVER contacted me again. My husband and I called him numerous of times but he would not return my phone calls. So we were lucky to be able to do a background check and find out he is a FRAUD and has been to other cities doing the same thing. He is truly using his clients money to pay ALL his personal bills and not filing paperwork in the courts. We found another attorney to do damage control on our case and helped us. DO NOT hire this attorney, he is a con artist. We contacted the Maryland Bar Association and have filed complaints along with other clients of his.. Do not believe those good comments on the other post, his company or himself created those comments from his website to make a person believe he is doing his job. Look at the comments are all on the same day by the same person within minutes..Horrible Horrible Attorney..I hope his license is taken and ALL his clients get justice for his wrong doings. DO NOT trust him with your money. He is truly not respected in the professional area of lawyers.He has not won a case in 3 years.. Please please do a thorough background check on this lawyer. You will not regret it

Sep 09, 2014

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