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For those of you interested and unfamiliar with the Grocery Game, it is a web site that paid members may visit and find lists of sale items at their choice of grocery stores and pharmacies. The site boasts great savings for the consumer. The cost to the consumer is $10 for your first store list and $5 for each additional. Feel free to pay them a visit.
SO I signed up for their $1 four week trial to see what all the fuss is about. I found during my 4 week trial that I'm finding most of the same information for free online by spending the same amount of time simply reading blogs geared towards sharing this information.
My trial period ended last Friday June 26 at 1am. I missed my end date due to our busy schedules and signed in Sunday, June 28th to cancel my account expecting a partial refund of the $35 I was charge on Friday. I assumed they would prorate my usage for the 2 days that I was late in canceling my account. After all in their words, *You may cancel at any time*.
Instead I find out that they will not refund any of my payment and my account WILL NOT be canceled until August 21st, eight weeks from now.
Now, I may be a simpleton, but they do state, as they say, quite clearly in plain text, not fine print that *You may cancel at any time* and to me that means I can cancel today, tomorrow, or next Tuesday and be reembursed for any future services that have already been charged to me.
Well, no such luck. They refuse to help me with any sort of refund, though they have not posted their policies any where on their site nor have they sent me a copy of my original agreement. In fact they refuse to discuss it. They take the stance that I did not cancel by the end of the billing cycle, so I am obligated to maintain membership until the end of the this billing cycle. EVEN THOUGH THEY CLEARLY STATE *You may cancel at any time* !!

I write this note to share my experience with you, so that you may avoid the frustration that I am dealing with. I think it is misleading for a company to say *You may cancel at any time*, but not have policies that support that claim. In fact, I do consider it lying, by omitting the facts that you may 'schedule' your cancelation at any time, but are acutally LOCKED IN for an eight week period and WILL be charged for the FULL eight week period regardless of whether or not you require the services any longer. If they would have made this policy clear I would concede that I don't have a leg to stand on, but their policies are NOT CLEAR and are NOT ACCESSABLE, leaving me and many others feeling cheated.

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  • Ar
      Jun 28, 2010

    A similar thing happened to me. I had signed up for the service a few years ago and wanted to try it again. I signed up for the free trial, I noticed my credit card was automatically charged for $35. I asked why and they said since I had already been a member, I could not get the free trial. (which doesn't say anywhere I can yet find). Since I noticed the error right away, I thought they would refund my money - no such luck and they are very rude about it too! I wouldn't have signed up for all the stores to try out if I knew they would charge me for them! I would have only done one!

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  • Li
      Mar 18, 2011

    I have same problem with this company. When I saw that the stores they propose are not the ones I use, I did not use the service and wanted to cancel. They do not answer phone calls and the email address they give on the phone for contacts is not working - I received my message undelivered: [protected]
    Then, they charged my credit card, and refused to refund me anything. The contact is very rude at this company.
    I am filing a complaint with the BBB.
    My advice: stay away from them.

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  • Kc
      Apr 29, 2011

    Pretty much the same thing just happened to me. They are extremely rude and give you cookie cutter responses saying what a great deal you are getting with all these extra weeks...haha. Yeah right. I'll count my losses and move on. Very disappointed in the Grocery Game!!!

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  • Ac
      May 12, 2011

    same thing happened to me just now, i found out that you cant cancel your membership. THEY DIDNT EVEN EMAILED ME FOR MY FREE TRIAL OR WARNED ME THAT MY TRIAL IS ALMOST OVER. I thought i hit a jackpot with this site. i didnt even used it. Now I dont know what to do. Can I just cancel my card so they wont bill me constantly???plss reply to my email [protected], .., .,

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  • Me
      Sep 10, 2011

    I just noticed that I had a $40 charge on my credit card. Went on the website with the same thoughts as the above people and soon realized I was locked in for another 2 months. I realized after the trial that there was nothing special about this site and everything that I have been getting for free is actually better. When I signed up, I thought the website was actually hard to navigate and I didn't really know what I was doing. I never saw that I would be charged FIVE dollars for each store and they automatically sign you up for numerous stores- most of which I don't shop at. Very irritated that they don't even send an occassional email to you so you can actually remember that you have this stupid subscription or that the end of your trial is coming up soon. These people are scammers!!

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