The Greenpointer aka Mod-Lodge / Want a refund

1 76 Green St. Brooklyn, NY 11222, Brooklyn, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 646-685-6398

Mod Lodge aka The Greenpointer aka Dwell 76

76R Green St.
76 Green St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Glenn Hanna

I originally booked March 22nd - 24th 2014, When I arrived the housekeeper "Glen" greeted me with, What took you guys so long to get here ? Then said Where are you guys from ? When I answered he said " Then why would you come to brooklyn to stay ? " I was confused why i didnt get a hi or anything. Just by his appearence I should knew what my experience was going to be like. Firstly I had to leave a sercurity deposit of $100 via paypal in order to book room then pay the second half of $100 on arrival. He actually recomnded I stay at the Greenpointer Room because it had a private bed over the phone. So when I arrived it was a bathroom that I actually had to leave the room I was renting to walk down a hallway into the bathroom (where I have to walk pass a door that "Glenn" himself lives in). Which is split between his room and The Greenpointer room by a sliding door and a wooden ply wood in front of it with gaps all in between it. You can hear a person every move in opp. room. The bathroom had broken glass on floor, the toilet was so disgusting my girlfriend wouldnt sit on it, i cleaned it and convinced her to use it, the sink was dirty and the tub was disgusting (I didnt even want to shower the night i stood.) Claims its a bed and breakfast but serves no breakfast, their website claims they serve coffee and tea when they dont. The Greenpointer room in which I stood was horrible condition ! The wires going into lamps (only lighting in room) were taped and repaired with electrical taper (fire hazard), the 3 rows of bottom blinds on both windows facing street were removed for somereason, So anyone walking by can see at eye level view into the room because it is on first floor. The pillows, pillow cases, sheets and comforter were not cleaned sheets ( I have proof of it all ). The walls and floor were disgusting ! The pipe in room going into heater had what it look like feces running down it from ceiling. Im just appalled on the condition of this place and its still up and running. If I went to Brooklyn City Hall, he would be shut down asap.

The Greenpointer aka Mod-Lodge
The Greenpointer aka Mod-Lodge
The Greenpointer aka Mod-Lodge
The Greenpointer aka Mod-Lodge
The Greenpointer aka Mod-Lodge
The Greenpointer aka Mod-Lodge

Mar 25, 2014

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