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I ordered my husbands christmas presents online at the golf warehouse, everything was good i loved their prices. Than i was looking at my creditcard statment and noticed a pending transaction from the golf warehouse, i thought this was odd because they had already charged me for my order. I called about the matter, and could not get anywhere with any of their customer service reps, i asked to talk to a supervisor...the customer service rep asked if there was anyway he could help me with my problem and i said no i needed to talk to a supervisor, because he had already said that they did not charge my account twice and that the pending transaction should not effect my account. Well since the pending transaction is effecting my account i wanted to speak to a supervisor, i never got to talk to a supervisor on that call. I decided to wait another day, for the transaction to be lifted..still nothing, so i called again. and i finally spoke with a supervisor, he simpy said that the transaction had been lifted and to contact my card company, ugh!!! so i call my card company they tell me the transaction has not yet been lifted?? but i was told it here i am out of money because of some stupid pending transaction when they already got their money!! i have written letters tried calling to get it resolved and no one will help me. i will NEVER go to The Golf Warehouse again. My husband found out what he was getting for christmas because of the credit card balance. and i am so frustrated with the way they cunduct their business! i would be really careful if you decide to order from them.

Talia Willey

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      Feb 28, 2009

    with most credit cards (and debit cards) if your order something online, an authorization charge will appear. a lot of companies do this to verify that 1. your card is active, 2. the funds are available and 3. your billing info is correct and usually drop off after 3-5 business days, and I stress, BUSINESS days. gas stations are notorious for doing this with at the pump transactions as well. an authorization will usually appear for either $1 $50 or $100, because they don't know how much you'll be pumping and want to make sure they'll have their money. also restaurants do authorizations for more then the amount, because what if you leave a tip? what golf warehouse most likely did was do an authorization and i bet it fell off after a few days.

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