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The Golba Group and Landmark Maintenance, Do Not Use! I recently rented a home from The Golba Group, and they literally stole my security deposit. The house was left clean and actually several improvements were made, by me. After I moved out, they notified me that I owed $310.00 for a couple shrubs to be trimmed, $280.00 for them to wipe down 1 wall that they claim had some dirt on it, and they charged me $146.00 to replace a door that was broken when I moved in. (There were some light bulbs that legitimatly needed replacing, toilet flapper that was broken and a small amount of trash to be hauled away) the prices quoted for these items are not in dispute and are fine but for the landscape, and wall wiping, These prices are Absurdly high! I was told by The Golba Group that these are the quotes that they received from Landmark Maintenance, the only company they use. Then come to find out, Landmark Maintenance is owned by James Golba and the officers of both companies are the same. When a supervisor with Golba Group was confronted with this, he told us that yes the charges were padded, but we could never prove anything. He claimed that they are "tight with the courts" and would never win any claim. In addition when confronted about the door that was broken upon move in, they wanted to see my copy of the move in walk through report. They refused to do a joint move in walk through and they refused a joint move out walk through. They demanded that I fax my copy over to them, and when I demanded that they fax me their copy, they stated it was lost.
For all of you people out there looking for a prop. management company to handle your rental, WATCH OUT!! They stated that they are not responsible for any of these claims or issues that come up and if there is a problem, a supervisor with the Golba Group told me directly to "Sue the Property Owner"!
So potential tenants and property owners beware... For those of you out there that have had your security deposit "disappear" or have been overcharged for cleaning, painting, etc., now you know why. Golba Group is taking your deposit one way or another and by using Landmark as their only maintenance company, it sure makes it easy to go with the highest quote!

If you want to verify that both companies are owned by the Golbas, go the the Arizona Secretary of State web site and look under Businesses, Business Registration and then Trade Names. It will list the owners names and Officers.
Last note, With the exception of one person over at Golba, Jennifer, the rest of the staff have the absolute worst attitudes you could even imagine. Once you sign a lease, you are treated like dirt. If you are a tenant and having trouble getting a prop. mgr to answer your calls, just hit option #1 (option to speak to someone about them managing a rental property) and then they answer immed. But if you are a tenant and trying to reach your prop. mgr, they basically never answer.
Check out all the complaints online about The Golba Group. Most have to do with being overcharged for move out repairs.

Attached are photos of the front and back yard, you tell me if this small area should have been charged over $300

The Golba Group & Landmark Maintenance
The Golba Group & Landmark Maintenance

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  • Er
      Aug 14, 2009

    Sounds like the Golba Group has quite a racket going.

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  • Go
      Sep 03, 2009

    The Golba Group and Landmark Maintenance will always try to work with any customer, renter or property owner to resolve a dispute. Our goal is to resolve this dispute promptly, efficiently and in a way that serves both customer and home owner. It is our deepest regret that a customer felt the need to post this information here. Please do not hesitate to contact a property manager or leasing agent at [protected] so we can help your needs to be taken care of. There is no need to dispute that Landmark & Golba are owned by the same parent company. Many property management companies have internal private maintenance people to handle their properties. You can always email us using our website at

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  • Go
      Sep 03, 2009

    This is the same complaint made by skippy12 ..see link for almost identical complaint..

    We would like to work with this person if he would contact our office.

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  • Co
      Jul 28, 2010

    I'm a long time professional. I'm currently terminating a lease because of landlords who repeatedly refused to make reasonable and timely repairs for everything from interior water damage caused by rain, to toilets that don't flush without being plunged.

    I was about to look at a house that just went on the market about a mile from where I'm living - managed by the Golba Group. I started doing my homework and found that they have a high complaint rate with the Better Business Bureau. Your post confirms that they are playing legal games, blaming owners (especially out of state owners) to deflect legal liability with regard to their maintenance/deposit retention policies, and they say so in the BBB Report, (though in different words).

    After reading that report and this, I won't be doing business with the Golba group. The comments reflected above about refusal to do walk-throughs and the courts are typical of abusive landlords. This site provides an important and necessary service. Thank you!

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  • Az
      Sep 24, 2010

    I completely agree -- GOLBA GROUP is not an ethical company to deal with!!
    STAY FAR AWAY FROM GOLBA GROUP! I only wish I would have looked into the company further before renting from them. I am currently going through the same thing as the person above. They want to charge you ridiculously high prices for "made up" claims to the property. And then say it's the owners disgretion what is reported at the final walk through. Really...and they CANNOT provide me with their inspection sheet prior to me renting. How convientent! They are's ashame there are such unscrupulous people out there. DO NOT USE GOLBA GROUP!!!

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  • Az
      Jan 18, 2011

    I can not WAIT to see if Golba screws us over when we move out in another month. So far as a tenant, they have already "tried"!! BUT I have all my documents so when it comes time to end this AWFUL rental agreement... IF they even think they will scare me into not taking them to court for outragious move out fees, they better think again... they will not only be paying me back my deposit but they will be paying all the legal fees associated with it. My case will be cut and dry... pictures we took upon moving in, pictures while we lived at the property, pictures when their representative did their walkthrough, and pictures when we move out. There will be no issues showing the house is in the same condition if not better! As for the hassles while living in the house... I have those documented too! I have every single phone call made to their AWFUL maintenance company which drags their feet, hires the most ignorant cheap labor they can find, and half-fixes the problems while charging really high prices. Since every review I have read says they seem to "lose their move in papers"... I will gladly provide my carbon copy with their letterhead on the top!! I have seen several people take them to court and have success so saying they have a judge in their pocket is sounds a little far fetched. Oh and I plan on printing every single review found online including the BBB review which is really POOR! I just feel bad for the owners since they are out of state. Although since public tax records are public, I might write them a letter just so they know how poorly taken care of their property is. Its funny because I remember signing the lease and the leasing agent telling us "You are to never contact the owner, all requests must go through us" and pointing to our contract... yet on the actual contract it does NOT state that anywhere. I agree with the statement above about not being able to contact your agent once you sign the lease. I had to DEMAND to speak with our agent and finally got through but that was after SEVERAL phone calls and finally getting firm with the person answering the phone! Once I got the agent on the phone I was disappointed and the issues I called about were never taken care of. Big surprise! They are NOT a credible rental company by any means.

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  • Lo
      Jul 05, 2013

    @AZtenant - For some reason if you still look at this site, I would love to hear how everything turned out for you. I am currently looking at houses and am very skeptical of The Golba Group.

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  • Te
      Jul 16, 2013

    Think twice about taking Golba to court ... The owners are related in some way to people in the Maricopa Judicial system and/or they "own" the Judges. They routinely use the same law firms that provide services to the county government. It is unconscionable but To my knowledge (and I have monitored these people for nearly Eight years) they have NEVER lost a case in Maricopa county. The renters evidence is ALWAYS thrown out by the judge.

    Golba will Dunn you and even Nick your credit report for THOUSANDS of bucks, but when you get to court, they are asking for Hundreds, mostly in fees and penalties. Their theory seems to be that stealing your security deposit can most easily be accomplished by fabricating thousands in damages and then allowing a large part of the thousands to melt away at court. This makes it "look good" in court, leaving them with an award for the security deposit plus penalties and court costs.

    I have polled nearly 800 past Golba renters and As far as I can determine, Golba has NEVER returned a security deposit to a renter.

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