The Golba GroupRipoff property managers

This is the worst property management company on earth. They were lousy to work with--rude, unprofessional, unhelpful--while I lived in my rental house (bought a house 3 years ago), and when I moved out, they never bothered to contact me about what they claimed the damages were. A year later, they apparently gave my file to a collector, who also never bothered to contact me. I had to ask them (found out about it when they put a ding on my credit report!) and finally got a list of alleged damages. There are so many false and inflated charges on here, I could have bought the house! They even want me to pay for a LIGHT BULB! They didn't take into account the damages I noted on the initial walkthrough, but expect me to pay for the pre-existing damages. I scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees but they're claiming "excessive cleaning charges." What a bunch of tools. Stay far, far away from these scammers.


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